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Multiple Bugs in game

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This is now week 4 of me having the "Login Failed Check Your Info" situation. It still won't let me in and when it does, 5 to 30 minutes in game it says there's an updated version of Warframe to install and it won't let do any missions or join friend. After I close out Warframe then go to play again, I'm stuck at the login screen that says Login Failed Check Your Info. But there's also another problem in game. When I did manage to get in I tried to go see the void trader and Maroo's bazaar, but got stuck in the loading screen for a very long time then crashed. I really love playing Warframe but it sucks i can barely even play anymore because of the bugs. Please DE, please patch that as soon as you can. You all made amazing things in the game and I'd love to play regularly again.  



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