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IncandescentGlow's Workshop [Loki Jörmungandr Update 1.0]

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[CURRENT PROJECT: Jörmungandr ]


========================================== Creator's Notes  ==========================================

I'll be continually working on this; I do apologize if it seems slow; I'm quite  busy with school at the moment ; but I won't leave this project to be left unfinished.


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(Zbrush WIP)

(Marmoset Toolbag 3 Render;  Note: The Material Placement isn't final; I just wanted to emphasize the fangs.)

Hey guys update on this.
I apologize for not updating or getting stuff done as much as I should (gotten REALLY Busy w/ school, demo reel/characters/all that jazz. I won't go on about it for much)

And Yes! It's Loki ! 

The skin is based on Jörmungandr ; It's the Serpent Child of Loki; which explains the aesthetic choice of the "large fangs" in front of the frame's helmet.
I wanted to keep that horned aesthetic as much as possible; without having it clash w/ the fang idea. 

I've changed it quite a bit from the original one I posted.  The Original theme was to focus on Loki's "Trickster" aspect which explains the smile 'theme' on the mystery wips; however I decided that perhaps working w/ something that ties into Loki's story would be better.

Also!  I'm open for critiques on the helmet (PS: Yes I noticed the horns arent as sharp as it should be; I'll be fixing it later.) Come at me! 


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I feel like the on body render and the very last pic are two different helms. The way the on body feels foreshortened suits Loki well. The last render with three helms looks more like something for Inaros. I guess it's just the lighting and such, but they actually look like different helms with somewhat similar designs.

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2 hours ago, IncandescencentGlow said:

Ill give this a try!  Probably not too crazy long 🤔

Aside from that; I'll be listening to critiques and Ill repost whenever I get to a certain point for the helmet or body.  o/

I was mostly joking but I also won't complain if you decide to do so.

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