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Cryopod Elevator bug. Hydron/Helene

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When riding up the elevator, as it nears the top, my frame just falls as if I jumped into the pit and died. Then it places me next to the pit. 


Noticed it a couple of times mainly during the acolyte missions. Figured, OK no problem let me hop off when it's going up and just take the stairs. Still happened. Another time I made sure I was a good way from it when it got to the top as in well away from the whole central area where the elevator is located... Still happened. 


It's been a Rhino prime, stone skin active no syndicate augment, along with roar and I probably had some residual zenurik energising dash bonus going at the same time too. 


Since that's mainly waves 1-5 no big deal. I'd hate to be at a higher wave and have it happen and have to reapply everything under fire. 


Edit, just did Helene, Saturn... Same thing. 


Edit #2, so I was on another mission and I think that it may be linked to being on the elevator at the start of the rise. Because this time I actively avoided standing on it during play, and everything was fine. I even tried hopping on once it got going, and it wasn't any problem. 

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