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New earth tileset overheating issue.

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I took a break from warframe and I recently came back and I was having fun grinding and I got the new NIDUS Deluxe Skin and was wanting to  get the final Kuborow that I was  missing  so I tried one with the egg I had already and didn't get the one I was needing so I tried to get a new egg after 3 or so missions with some fissure missions sprinkled in so not to be burnt out. Well I then went for the egg and no luck but then my console  shutdown due to overheating, I remember having this problem when the earth remaster happened and it only happens on earth forest tile sets. I went and got my console cleaned out ( Vents and the insides ) No problem in the hardware department I checked and every other game I have from the MCC Destiny Skyrim they never cause my game to overheat I also turned down the graphics and nothing still overheated. Do you guys have any possible fix and is it just me having this issue? Thanks for reading.

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