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Game Restarted the war within quest itself

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This is still happening. I used task mananger to close the game because i dont have time to replay the WHOLE damn mission. Loaded up the game again and now even clicking on the war within quest on the nav console does nothing.

Edit - Closed the game a second time with ALT F4 and waited a bit and now the whole thing is complete.

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26th of August. Started playing again a week prior. Followed the questline. Did the mission, restarted itself. Devs don't seem to give a S#&$. This bug has been a thing for YEARS? And I thought Blizzard sucked at bugfixing... That's probably the worst support I've ever seen.

EDIT: Closing the game using ALT+F4 (U can't even quit the game properly. Who did this???) and restarting it didn't help. Sadlife.


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Yeah, it happened to me too when selecting control, spawned me near the start of the quest again. I'm really not interested in playing it again so I think I'm out.


EDIT: restarted and it completed, whew!

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Well looks like this happend to me today, Got to the last part and it got resetet, Looks like i got to redo everything, the worst part is that when i relogg and get back in to the game it instant sends me to that mission again at the snow slow walking part, so am locked out from the game untill i finish it......

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