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Well That Was Creepy Mission....


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I know this is still in testing phase and all but I experienced a weird bug that was alittle unsettling , IDK how many other people experienced it too. The bug was interesting enough that I thought I would share this story

Recently I decided a solo the mission Earth - Lua so I wouldn't have players rush the level while I search the entire ship for crates hopeing to get some rubedo. If you guys don't know it is essentially a infested sabatoge mission which is fairly good for farming rubedo. Everything was fine for a good portion of the mission and I felt that I already cleared atleast a good portion of the ship but on my way to the generator an infested swarm popped out and I procceded to wipe it out with my Frost's ult but one infested leaper didn't die and just stood there not doing anything. Literally it was just standing there so I tried to kill it with my Gram but it didnt die. Naturally i assumed that this was a game bug or I was lagging.

I have lagged before and the lagging usually means enemies just stand there doing nothing however after awhile the bodies do disappear when shooting or meleeing them. This one didn't which was strange but I gave up and headed straight for the generator hacking away at the infested and not paying attention to my surrounding other then the pieces of rubedo, mods and any crates I see. After I destroyed the generator I was expecting to get the waypoint to the extractor but I got a lotus assignment telling me to get 2 datamass. I was fairly frustrated as the datamass's waypoints were of opposite sides of each other. When I turned around I saw an infested leaper literally just standing there doing nothing.

Naturally this freaked me out alot and I tried to kill it with all my weapons. I used my Hek , akabolto , gram and tried using my ult once more out of annoyance. The infested didn't die and I realized I overreacted to this whole situation and decided to head back to get the first datamass. As I went forward I noticed an infested swarm heading towards me and seeing how I wasted my ult I decided to just swipe them off with my gram but as I was hacking away I noticed an infested leaper right behind me not moving. After I cleared up the mob I decided to check out if it was following me.

Anytime I moved the infested leaper would stretch it's limbs out and the model shaked violently then it blinked near me and this when on for every few feets I moved. Natuarally I was freaked out and decided to rush this mission. I got the first datamass and noticed it right behind me and procceded to walk right past it and managed to get to the second datamass. I got the extraction waypoint and quickly headed out but as I did so did the infested leaper.

The extraction was past a room with 3 seperate bridges and I was in the middle bridge. Then I thought about a plan to get this stupid infested leaper to stop following me. I was going to wall run across the wall and jump to the other bridge without the hassle of going around and then quickly start up the elevator. Hopeing to scew up its AI or something. I did just that and noticed the infested leaper wasn't anywhere to be found. This freaked me out alot and I opened the elevator and procceeded to close it.I went down and headed to the extraction spot looking for the infested leaper but it was nowhere to be found.

I managed to make it to the extraction room and as I entered the room I looked back and saw nothing behind me. I entered the extraction animation to finish the game. Now anyone who ever had enemy units following you as the extraction animation starts knows that it shows the enemies looking at your character as your character moves out. I saw stretched out limbs at the corner of the screen before I quickly ended the mission.

Yes,I took a break after this mission...and yes I'm done with infested missions for awhile.

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The standing invincible Leaper is something I experience mainly with my Mag, since it occurs almost everytime i use Crush on a group of infected. Sometimes if i finish the animation of the skill while he is leaping, he freezes like that and looks all blurry XD

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The fact that you tried to get it off you and then...right at the end...

>I saw stretched out limbs at the corner of the screen before I quickly ended the mission.

That's really unsettling.

>Anytime I moved the infested leaper would stretch it's limbs out and the model shaked violently then it blinked near me

Scary, spooky, creepy, whatever you wanna call it... not cool.

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I once started up an infested mission to be confronted with... Nothing. I got to the artifact without coming across a single enemy. Then out of @(*()$ nowhere this leaper jumps and slaps me, then I'm swarmed with all sorts of infested. S#&$ was weird.

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This is actually amazingly awesome.

DESteve, take notes..

Make this a programmed thing that can happen with a really low chance.... in essence... a slenderman mission,,,

Oh god I'm freaking out already just thinking about how it could screw with you. A huge horde of infested running at you with high pitched wailing and screaming, you fire at them and nothing is happening, the lights flickering and going out and just as they are about to reach you the lights return to normal and they've just vanished... no smoke or trail left, just gone.

Now it's got me thinking of Controllers from S.T.A.L.K.E.R


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That is creepy as hell. If only there was a new enemy type that acted like that, just staying back and watching before it attacks.

Good guy Infested. Watches you murder all his pals then attacks by himself.

Seriously though an enemy type like that would be super creepy.

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