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Static seeking 4th member for high-lvl content - Trinity & Harrow

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We are a group within the Astral Clan who play together regularly and enjoy theory-crafting, developing interesting strategies & synergies. We are looking for a 4th member to join us for regular play, sorties, relic farming, Onslaught, challenges, events, Eidolons, & more.

We have a particular passion for classic RPG's, MMO's, etc and want to test group synergy based on calculated choices.


  • MR10+

  • Discord use - Mic not required but joining voice channel to listen is.

  • Must play 1 of the following 3 classes (2 if Equinox is selected as 2 members enjoy day form play currently and alternate)

    • Trinity

    • Harrow

    • Equinox (Night form focus only)

  • Available at least 5 evenings weekly from 630~7 until 11 pm / 12 am EST

We usually do sorties around 7-8 pm once we've gathered up, and follow with Elite Onslaught and work in other activities afterwards such as Kuva, Eidolon practice, relics & fissures, etc.

Apply here: https://tinyurl.com/astralstaticapp


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