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Eternal Aegis Recruitment

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Welcome to Eternal Aegis! We are a close-knit clan dedicated to keeping a casual, fun, and welcoming atmosphere. We strive to give our members the best clan experience Warframe has to offer. If you are interested in joining, please leave a comment below or message one of us in game!


What We Offer

  • A very active, friendly, and helpful community.
  • We are a Moon Clan with 980+ / 1000 members at all times.
  • Beautifully designed Clan and Alliance emblems: photos of clan and alliance emblems
  • An international community with members from all over the world. Most of our players are based in North America and Western Europe.
  • Efficient and well-designed dojo. 











  • 100% completed Clan research and Railjack Dry-Dock.
  • Casually competitive - Placing in the top 10 of all recent event leaderboards and have no minimum quota for our members. 
  • Eidolon hunting, Arbitrations, and other types of content are regularly hosted
  • A comprehensive promotion system which is tied to our inactivity policy. Snapshot of our promotions log
  • An organized and active Discord server that is level 3 nitro boosted (30+ boosts). 
  • Frequently hosted events, contests, and giveaways
  • Founder of Moonlapse Alliance, a close-knit Alliance of friendly clans.


Our Rules

  • Be polite and respect each other. Harassment, sexism, racism, bullying, and excessive profanity will not be tolerated.
  • No pornographic or political discussions are allowed in Clan chat or on Discord.
  • Our inactivity policy is 10 days for initiates, increases with clan rank up to 30 days, and we allow all ex-members to rejoin at any time by asking on Discord.
  • Currently, we require new recruits to be MR 10+, but friends of clanmates can join at MR 5+.


Join Now!

We will need interested Tenno to comment below with the following information:

  1. Your in-game name
  2. Your Mastery Rank (Note: MR 10+ is required)
  3. Your region 
  4. The length of time you have been playing the game for
  5. What you are looking for in a clan
  6. How often you are able to play during a typical week

This thread will be checked daily. Reminder: Make sure you exit your clan before leaving a comment.


Contact List:

--Aegis--Dragunova | --Aegis--Exuke | --Aegis--Cuci | --Aegis--Renzashi | --Aegis--Pebble | --Aegis--CelticReaper | Bhesus | Valkor | --Aegis--TaDoogThtWas | --Aegis--CanOfBepsi | Anaktoria | --Aegis--Sal12 | Protracturtle | --Aegis--AtlasC6 | --Aegis--Karat3P3lican

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