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I'm not a big fan of the Tenno Banners for the dojo. I feel like they are too plan and way too static. We have all these amazing cloth physics but the banners we got don't fit with the tone anymore. What im hopping for is either they get changed up a bit with physics, or make more types of banners to fit the other sets. For an example the Corpus would have a banner that's like a transparent screen and the clan emblem would slideshow across it (horizontal and vertical). Grineer have some banners but the not as many as the out dated ones and they dont display the clan emblem. The types of banners im looking for are more tattered and worn. I'm looking for long hanging tattered ribbon like banners that i can hang around my dojo. However they dont all have to be tattered. I would love the ones that are hanging from Teshins tree in the relay (P.S. i want that tree in my dojo, same for they tree Oberon in Maroo's).

However some banners are meant to be static. So recall those ones crests and of course have it display the clan emblem.

Please make my dream come true!

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I Second Everything you just said and also I'd be nice to actually change the base Faction theme for the rooms... I had other Ideas but those would take too long.

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