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  1. Doesn’t bother me, but what about re-rolling one challenge per day, days, or week? People who are ok with it, can just do it, and who don’t want to, can roll the dice and get something they would like?
  2. Make sure quick melee/ melee attack is binded to something. When we got the new melee system, it bugged a lot of players configs. Not in front of it, but isn’t there a reset to default scheme on the screen?
  3. Anyway to unbind certain buttons relating to the new melee? Had a custom binding for years and wondering if this is the new way or is there a way to change it? in response to not being able to move melee channeling or secondary fire around, I see the note on it, Any plans on allowing binds to undo it? Or create a customer slot in bindings to help with this?
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