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  1. Previewing the Khora deluxe with the infest cat and in the screen, the head gets cuts off and there’s no skin applied. Those that have bought it, can you apply it to the vulps and customize it?
  2. How is it used for P.A., unvaulting?
  3. Put this on a frame as well as it also occurs to me. Simulacrum and missions, solo and pub.
  4. I know it’s not a straightforward slap to counter your disability. But I coulda sworn Ivara s massive enemy radar with primed animal instinct gave enough mini map knowledge to know when the animal spawned in. There were 5 red arrows after lure there’s 6. I haven’t tracked this way in a bit, but hope it helps.
  5. Oaks you have no reason to talk shoo shoo boy
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