[DE]Community Inbox FAQ


The FAQ Page and [DE]Community Inbox operate in English. If you need support in another language, please follow one of the following links to our Support Team:



Please review the following common questions before submitting a Community Inbox message: 



Q: What’s the difference between Support and the [DE]Community Inbox?

 A: The [DE]Community Inbox is a direct line to the Community Team. We can’t help with in-game issues, bans, or suspensions, but it’s important to us that we keep a direct line open to our players so we can respond to unique opportunities and problems. The Community Team works on everything community-related from Twitch streams to the forums to our Partner program. Unfortunately, there is no way for us to respond to all inbox messages quickly while we are focused on so many aspects of the community.

 If you have a question about a contest, claiming Twitch prizes, or event sponsorship, the [DE]Community Inbox is the right place for you! Otherwise, your question or issue might be best for Support.

 Support is a team dedicated specifically to answering your questions and helping resolve in-game issues. Support will respond more quickly than the Community Team can. If you would like more information about Support, please see How can Support help me? at the bottom of the FAQ page.


Q: Where can I tell a Dev about my concerns about changes made to Warframe?

A: We welcome constructive feedback and always check the forums to get a sense of how our players feel about Warframe. It’s amazing that our players have cared so much about Warframe’s development since the very beginning! The public forums are the best place to share your feedback. We love to see constructive posts and the community’s responses to those posts. It helps us understand what we need to improve.

 The Warframe Team shares our players’ passion for Warframe, so we know it's easy for discussions to become heated. That's why we use the Community Guidelines as an outline for keeping feedback constructive. We want to know how our players feel so we can continue to make Warframe the best it can be, and constructive feedback is the best way to help us do that. Please read the Community Guidelines here if you haven’t already!


Q: I found a bug! What do I do?

A: Please make a bug report in the appropriate sub-forum here! Always check to see if someone has already posted about the same bug you experienced. Usually, if you’ve encountered a bug, someone else has too.

Please checkout the General Bug Report Guidelines here to make sure your bug report is the best it can be! Our team can resolve the issue more quickly when they understand exactly what happened and can recreate it.

 If you can’t progress because of a bug, you can submit a ticket to Support here.


Q: I’m concerned about an in-game ban or suspension. Who should I speak to?

 A: All in-game bans and suspensions are handled by our Support Team. If you would like clarification about an in-game ban or suspension, please make a Support ticket and a member of our team will review the reason for the penalty with you. They might not lift the penalty if you broke any of our rules. You can make a Support ticket here.

 Here are links to the documents our Support team uses to moderate:


Q: I’m concerned about a forum moderator. Who should I speak to?

 A: Our moderators moderate in accordance with the Community Guidelines. Please read the Community Guidelines here if you haven’t already. If you disagree with a Moderator’s decision, please contact the Moderator directly in a PM. He or she will be able to outline the reason for your penalty with you.

 You are encouraged to report your PM conversation with that Moderator if at any point the Moderator does not act in accordance with the Community Guidelines. Like all players, Moderators must adhere to the Community Guidelines.


Q: Where is my missing Platinum or items?

 A: If items or Platinum appear to be missing from your account, please contact our Support team here. They will do everything they can to help!


Q: Can I move my Playstation / Xbox One account to PC? Can I move my PC account to Playstation / Xbox One?

 A: Warframe accounts can’t be transferred between platforms. There are technical barriers that prevent us from being able to move accounts between console and PC. In the past, we offered account migration between PC and PS4. We later did the same for PC and Xbox One. In those two cases, we were able to work with different companies to make account migration available for a limited time in celebration of Warframe’s launch on new platforms, but account migration is not available regularly.

 We don’t have plans to make account migration available again in the future, but you are welcome to start another account! We don’t have any problem with players having accounts on multiple platforms.


Q: Why doesn’t Warframe offer cross-platform play?

 A: The differences between platforms prevent us from offering cross-platform play. The updates between PC and console don’t align, for example. There are also differences between items on Xbox One and PS4. With these nuances in mind, we don’t have any plans to offer cross-platform play in the future.

Q: I sold an item that’s only attainable once! Can I get it back?

A: We have no plans to make items like Chroma component blueprints available more than once. Quests that reward items you can only attain once are replayable, but you won’t receive those items a second time. If you have sold an item that can only be attained once, you can make a ticket with Support asking to have that item returned to your inventory. The Quest > New Strange category would be best for inquiries about Chroma component blueprints specifically. However, depending on how and when the item was sold, Support might not be able to help.


Q: Where did my forum thread go?

 A: If a thread seems to have disappeared, there are a few possibilities. It might have been moved to a different topic or hidden. It’s also possible that it was merged into another thread.

 To keep the forums organized, our Moderators will move off-topic threads to the appropriate subforum. When your topic is moved, a link to its new location will be available for a day.

 Forum threads that violate the Community Guidelines will be hidden. A Moderator will send you a private message about your forum thread if you are being issued a warning or if they feel you need a reminder to adhere to the Community Guidelines.

 If you haven’t read the Community Guidelines, please read them here!

 Forum Moderators will also merge multiple threads about the same topic into one thread. This helps our team gather feedback. We don’t want to miss details, especially about pressing issues, so we keep topics together. Our team also sets up master forum threads for major updates to streamline the feedback, so if a feedback thread related to the update is shared outside of the master thread, it will be moved there.


Q: How do I join the Guides of the Lotus?

 A: The Guides of the Lotus are not accepting applications right now, but they will be reopening applications soon! Stay tuned on the forums to find out when applications will reopen.


Q: Where can I share my concepts, quest ideas, and fan art?

A: The best place to share your concepts, quest ideas, and art is on the forums! There’s a subforum for just about any idea. Megan and Rebecca check out fan concepts and fan art every week and share our community’s amazing work on Prime Time. One of these subforums might be a great place to share your idea:


Q: Why are some TennoGen items missing on consoles?

 A: The main reason not all TennoGen has arrived on consoles yet is the difference between purchasing TennoGen through Steam on PC and purchasing TennoGen with Platinum on consoles.

 All TennoGen starts with Steam on PC. That’s where designs are submitted by TennoGen creators and how we distribute items to PC Tenno. Since Steam distribution isn’t possible on consoles, it takes time to set up TennoGen on consoles. We need to work with each TennoGen creator and each console’s unique market system to set everything up.

 Now that we have set up a method for buying TennoGen with Platinum on consoles, we know how to integrate new TennoGen items sooner. That’s why we are usually able to release new TennoGen items to consoles soon after they arrive on PC. The TennoGen items that were released before we arranged a method for buying TennoGen with Platinum on consoles are now being integrated. That said, we still need to work closely with the each TennoGen creator, and that takes time.

 The goal is to have all TennoGen items available on consoles so everyone can enjoy player-created items! There are just differences between platforms that we need to account for. We’ll keep working with TennoGen creators to bring new and older TennoGen to consoles!


Q: The server is down! What do I do?

 A: Be sure to check the forums to see if other players are experiencing the same issue. Our team will post in News & Events when we are made aware to let you know we are looking for a solution! If other players are not experiencing the issue and it persists for you, please contact Support! There might be a problem on your end, and our Support team will do everything they can to help you find a solution.


Q: What Warframes, items, and quests are coming next?

A: We are always working on new content for Warframe! There are some details we can’t share, but we love to share Warframe’s development with the community as much as we can. If you want to stay up-to-date on what’s coming next, there are a few ways you can stay informed:

  • Livestreams
    • We broadcast weekly on twitch.tv/warframe! Devstreams focus on what the team is working on for future release. Prime Time and our console streams focus on current Warframe news.
      • Devstream (every second Friday at 2:00pm)
      • Prime Time (every Thursday at 7:00pm)
      • Xbox One @ 1:00 (every Monday)
      • PS4 @ 4:00 (every Tuesday)
  • Public forums
  • Warframe website
    • We update our website with news regularly! Click here to check it out.
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
    • Follow us on Facebook to stay up-to-date!


Q: Are events like Operation: Plague Star and Ghoul Purge coming back?

 A: We don’t have a set time line for all events to return, but most will, especially if the community really enjoyed them! You can also count on us planning new weapons and cosmetics for Warframe nonstop. Whether or not an event is in-bound, we’ll keep the content coming!


Q: Is Excalibur Prime ever coming back?

A: No, he’s not. Excalibur Prime was offered to Warframe’s founders who believed in Warframe early in its development. There would be no Warframe without their support, and Excalibur Prime is how we acknowledge their invaluable contribution. Excalibur Prime was offered once and represents that history, so he will not be released again.

 We are delighted that Warframe has grown and that our community is so unique and amazing. Even as we remember that our founders are Warframe’s foundation, Warframe is defined by all Tenno. We will continue to make more great Warframes, Prime Warframes, and content for all of our players!


Q: How can Support help me and when can I expect an answer?

 A: Digital Extremes has a full-time Support team that works to solve in-game problems for our players. They are the team to consult about almost everything. If you have discovered a bug or have feedback for us, you should post in the public forums. If your concerns are related to the following, you should contact Support:

  • Payment and Billing
    • Steam Wallet
    • Platinum
    • Promo Codes
    • Payment Problems
    • Prime Access and Prime Vaults
  • Game Mechanics
    • Core Mechanics
      • Quest Progression
      • Trading
      • Mastery Rank
      • Focus
      • Syndicates
      • Kubrows, Kavats, and Sentinels
      • Archwing
    • Mods, Foundry and Market
      • Founding and Crafting
      • Mods
        • Accidentally dissolved Mod/Transmutation
      • Extractors
      • Polarization and Forma
    • Clans and Dojos
      • Clan, Alliance and Dojo
      • Clan and Alliance Emblem Creation
      • Creating or quitting a Clan or Alliance
      • PvP and Duelling
  • Account Support
    • Account Changes
      • Steam Marketplace account linking and unlinking
      • Account email address
      • Account deletion
      • Warframe Mailing List
      • Warframe Alias change
    • General Account Support
      • Resetting an account
      • Hacking
      • Twitch Drops
      • Terms of Use Agreement
        • Violation by selling an account or items
        • Merging or transfering accounts
      • Account security
      • Referral program
      • Missing items
      • Concern about an in-game ban or suspension
      • Code of Conduct
      • Player Name Policy
  • General Game Support
    • Server Time
    • Mission Interface
    • In-game chat
    • Controls
    • Cheaters, AFKing, or Trolls
    • Chat spam
  • Technical Support (for PC, Xbox One, and PS4)
    • Network not responding
    • Game crashing
    • Network troubleshooting
    • Minimum specs
    • Multiplayer
    • Unable to Patch or Update


If you are unsure whether your issue is right for Support, a Support ticket is still a great place to start. Our Support team will direct you to the right place if they are ever unable to help! The Support team can answer more quickly than the Community Team can from the [DE]Community Inbox.

 Support receives a high volume of tickets, so depending on the nature of the issue, it can take about two weeks to receive a response. You are welcome to check out the Warframe Wikia and ask questions on the community forums. These resources are full of useful information!