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  1. are there gonna be any weapons you can buy when you get to the max rank with solaris? like other syndicates? like a snowball launcher or a christmas tree light whip. in the plains there's an achievement for sliding down the tallest mountain, will there be something similar for the orb vallis? or more importantly, will you be able to use a sled? if so, will there be an option to let a co-op partner push you?
  2. yo i have chronic sinus headaches too whats good my dude 👌👌👌 i live in misery
  3. yall need to chill about these updates....... theres more to do than just play warframe........ go outside n smell a flower.... punch a bird....... shake your fist in the air and throw rocks at the evil orb in the sky.... eat a bagel.... pet a dog... theres a multitude of options you guys
  4. any word on pbr for older frames? is nezha deluxe planned to release soon? will you be able to throw enemies afflicted with revenant's curse around ala pikmin? how in depth are the skateboard stunts gonna be? combo counter or anything?
  5. can i just trash my operator? never thought that they were good additions to the game in the first place. i'm still bitter about the second dream tbh
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