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  1. Mambacore

    What is the reason you started playing Warframe?

    i saw some cute art and a gif of excalibur with mirage's noble and i was compelled by a supernatural force to install the game and devote 90% of my life to it
  2. perhaps- but maybe as something like a 5th sort of ability, like a passive or something. otherwise, i don't think players would like not being able to spam. i mean, i sure wouldn't. but if it was like 'hey here's something separate from your kit that you can use every 30 seconds' that would be kind of cool. at least i think so
  3. Mambacore

    Most Loved / Most Avoided Warframes you have

    love the most: mesa, excalibur, titania avoided the most: ember, limbo, volt mesa checks all the boxes for me, kind of cc, near invincibility, ridiculous ult also she's my gf. excalibur is mega fun, his ult is wild, and he was my starter. love the guy. titania is the opposite of what you'd expect a warframe to be and i love it. her theme is perfect. i'd also include vauban, nidus, nezha, khora, and chroma for my favorites, but then the list would be too long ok so, i don't like ember. i hate ember. her abilities suck, she's squishy, she's uggo without her deluxe skin, and useless at higher levels. her 4 takes the fun out of the game. pressing one button and sprinting to extract in a level 15 exterminate in 30 seconds isn't fun. i've tried it. it's boring. limbo's on the list because... it's limbo. his abilities just get in the way of other players, and he really doesn't do much. volt is there because i really, really, really want to like him, but i can't find a way to play him well and i'm frustrated. also speed is ugh
  4. Mambacore

    Switch Warframe Edition

    when are they adding excalibur to smash
  5. Mambacore

    Unpopular Opinions on weapons that you have

    tigris prime is irritating and overrated, beam weapons can choke, sarpa > literally any other weapon in the game. also whips are boring
  6. please let me be beautiful de my family is dying
  7. Mambacore

    Excal Umbra feels a bit cheap to me

    to me what seems unfair is that you can use umbral mods on other warframes. like??? umbra's a good boy let him have his own mods, let him be unique
  8. Mambacore

    The horrifying reality behind The Sacrifice

    the real plot twist is that every warframe is butt naked
  9. Mambacore

    Mag is so beautiful

    hhhhhh hh... hhhh.... me gay.........
  10. Mambacore

    Is Ballas Evil?

  11. Mambacore

    [Fashion Frame] Show your Umbra

    i used the legacy daybreak palette 👍👍
  12. Mambacore

    [SPOILERS] Post Sacrifice thoughts..kinda creepy

    to me the best part of the quest was when umbra's helmet got ripped open and inside was just a bunch of meat. i am /SO/ glad that it's 'living can of spam' instead of 'person in suit' also boy do i love suffering through emotional torment thanks de
  13. Mambacore

    [Fashion Frame] Show your Umbra

    what a tease
  14. Mambacore

    Limbo Equality

    why not just remove all warframe abilities entirely? that'll fix every complaint that people can manage to exaggerate beyond any logical reasoning. hey, why not remove enemy abilities too! you could just remove enemies altogether! get rid of parkour because it's annoying, get rid of archwing because who even plays that mode?? get rid of companions because you gotta take care of them consistently, get rid of missions because they delay getting rewards. trash matchmaking and make the game singleplayer, teammates suck anyway