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  1. Mambacore

    The New Sword Crafting Cost

    cmon man this is ballas' sword of course it's not gonna be cheap. you gonna build the "sentient slayer" without more time and effort than average? also if you've made it this far down the questline you should definitely already have a decent chunk of ducats saved up. and if not, you should be experienced enough to know how to wait for some things. you kids these days. back in my day we had to wait almost 3 years for umbra uphill both ways in the snow! and we were grateful for it!
  2. no!!!!!! i want no friends in this game!!!!! let me live out my days of bloodshed and violence with only me and my trustworthy sidekick ordo!!!!!!! the sentients are ugly and smelly and i don't like them!!!!!!!! lotus can go choke!!!!!!!!! heck!!!!!
  3. it feels really nice to give newer players prime parts or 'important' mods (rage, split chamber, transient fortitude, for example) when they talk about not having them. i loathe trade chat/wf market, so of course i'm gonna help out someone who needs vauban p neuroptics, i have like 5. this isn't a thing i can really do /that/ often, but it feels good when i can make someone's day every now and then. (also, i'm not trying to stand tall and brag about my top tier morals, but maybe offer a suggestion to hand out a few rare prime parts when you have like 15 of them. love your fellow tenno!)
  4. a warframe that kicks things. atlas needs a partner in crime. ooh or a warframe based on weapon enhancement (not melee). something like ability 1- supercharge your primary and/or secondary with % damage based on power strength and add bonus VOID ELEMENTAL DAMAGE (the type that only amps use bc hey it's cool) ability 2- summon a stationary ghosty specter (with a copy of whatever primary and/or secondary you have equipped) that shoots wherever your crosshair is aimed. it only shoots while you're shooting. bonus damages/buffs from ability 1, 3, and 4 apply to the ghosty as well! ability 3- convert a percentage of your health/shields into a multishot buff for whatever primary and/or secondary you have equipped. the more health/shields you lose translates to a more powerful buff. if you lose, say, 50% of your total health/shields, the multishot buff also blinds enemies when you shoot! ability 4- summon a set ghosty arms that hold a copy of whatever primary and/or secondary you have equipped. the projectiles that come from the copied weapon slow enemies (which stacks, so if enemies keep getting hit they get slower and slower, until frozen!). the copied weapon also copies the bonus damage/buffs that you already had. your specter (ability 2) also gets another pair of arms! passive: nearby enemy deaths replenish ammo (this guy's gonna be using a lot) my bad if this is kind of confusing, it's a little weird to put these ideas on paper. also props if you read all of it
  5. Mambacore

    Adding options to remove certain parts on warframe

    yeah i want to remove the all the heads and arms of my frames. i think it could really reduce drag and help me parkour better because i'm gonna have 2 less limbs to worry about
  6. Mambacore

    How beneficial is prime for prime

    free weapon slots my man $$$
  7. Mambacore

    Solo play spawns are to low.

    i feel like public matchmaking honestly kind of ruins the whole experience of the game. you play a gravity defying war machine built solely for murder and the game's like "yeah look at you go! you're so cool!" and then throws 3 other teammates at you, still expecting you to feel good about yourself. like, no, the max range saryn and bladestorm ash just make me feel useless. the main questline is singleplayer and emphasizes the fact that you're so alone in all of this. so yeah, i think the way to get the most out of warframe is to play solo, but it's frustrating not being able to open a lith relic because the defense missions aren't optimized for solo play
  8. Mambacore

    Digital Extreme bans...

    protip: being nice is not hard and will not get you suspended indefinitely
  9. Mambacore

    DE: "we need to address stockpiled resources.."

    this is a thing?? i mean, the hema is stupid ridiculous to research and 7000 oxium for vauban prime seems punishing for newer players really anyone who doesn't already have that much saved up from eons ago. i don't see a problem saving up things so you can, y'know, build things the day they're released. you farm syndicate standing so you can buy relic packs when new primes come out because farming relics otherwise can take a lot of time, and both are unreliable, you save up void traces to refine relics. does that count as stockpiling? like, i don't get it
  10. akzani damage + status chance azima damage + status chance balla (zaw blade thingy) damage + crit on slide + slash damage those have been my favorites
  11. Mambacore

    Best endgame weapones

  12. Mambacore

    Plague Star Guide

    chroma, shattering impact, beam weapon. it's faster to do it in pubs but solo-ing is less painful. the hardest part about plague star is running 2000km+ to get to the mixer. many times.
  13. remember back when de said that they were working on pbr-ing the old frames? i remember. also i feel like the textures are really nice, but og rhino..... og valkyr..... it's sad because valkyr's base skin is my favorite out of all of hers but. it's so shiny.
  14. Mambacore

    About AFKers

    just play solo until you need other people to do things. like t4 defenses or tridolon or some sortie thing that's difficult to do alone. imo it's more fun playing solo bc you get to play the game instead of the max range saryn in your squad that must be having so much fun pressing one button and sitting on the cryopod for 40+ rounds. love aoe frames in pubs. so much fun. great gameplay concept thanks guys.
  15. Mambacore

    Where is Update 23.5.0?! [COMING FRIDAY]

    yo i have chronic sinus headaches too whats good my dude 👌👌👌 i live in misery