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  1. my advice which i don't even really follow is to kind of just abandon the idea of being 'up to date', as in putting time into playing the game solely just to get the new stuff and max out your focus. don't get me wrong, if you enjoy doing that then more power to you, but i don't think warframe, or any game, should be making you feel like you have to do x number of things for y amount of time, that's just not fun. a lot of times i get this 'i always have to be leveling gear or working on getting standing or farming focus or doing Something Useful' feeling all the time, and it really makes the game feel restrictive. so, my advice is to just stop worrying about having everything maxed, every build optimized, every focus tree unlocked, and remember that it's a game that's supposed to be fun. thanks for coming to my ted talk
  2. Mambacore

    When will this game die?

    right now
  3. Mambacore

    What is ordis?

    he's my dad
  4. Mambacore

    Does anyone actually enjoy fighting the infested?

    i think i would enjoy fighting infested more if there weren't as many ancients and parasitic eximus. having to pick out the ancients, Especially the healer, out of a big ol conga line really disrupts the whole 'flow of combat' thing. the parasitic eximus just kind of ruin the fun when you can't spam abilities (read: exalted blade) and when theres more than three or so AND a healer AND a disruptor, i'm pretty much in the 'ok this sucks bye' mood. i mean i /guess/ you can pick certain frames to actually be useful but i usually play solo and i only like about 4 or 5 frames
  5. Mambacore

    Nidus Deluxe Skin info?

    nidus deluxe could stab me to death with his razor stilettos and i'd thank him
  6. here's the boy
  7. Mambacore

    What do you just HATE about Warframe?

    You can't date any of the warframes