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  1. Veil and suda increase and restore energy, and according to the wiki perrin restores shields? I can confirm the first two, but I don't have much recent experience with the perrin sequence but I was fairly sure they also restored energy.
  2. Specifically the Steel Meridian, New Loka, and Arbiters of Hexis procs.
  3. Depends on what frames and equipment you are using: Some frames heal from abilities directly such as trinity, wisp, and oberon; or indirectly spawn healing orbs like nekros and nezha. Some specific builds and mods can do this: Saryn for example can get a mod called Regenerative Molt. A thing I relied on early was syndicate mods for weapons or syndicate weapons themselves for healing bursts. Arcane grace restores hp when you get hit, healing return can get hp back up so long as you can regularly apply status procs, the rejuvination aura isn't too shabby either: helps stave off bug bite damage.
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