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  1. Hot take. I am actually enjoying this Nightwave series. @Voltage pretty much sums up my thoughts about the 'backlash'. However, I found the one hour missions to be a great deal of fun and a nice breath of fresh air from only a few minutes or waves and extract. It saddens me to see such disdain when you are given a week to do it and it is in no means an unreasonable task for an Elite Challenge. As I was completing it with a friend yesterday in a Discord call I actually had a glimmer of hope for other Elite Challenges of a similar caliber for Defense, Interception, Excavation, etc. I am fond of the reward tiers and I do not mind completing challenges to progress in it. I enjoy having it ask me to re-visit content I would not normally do and having some challenges blend into my existing routine. I would actually argue that some of the challenges need to require more for completion, but I'm sure I'll get enough pitchforks raised as is. Overall I am also enjoying a sense of direction and a reason to log-in and play. This is the biggest point for me as my friend who plays a large portion less than I do feels more incentive to log-in and spend time playing than he ever has before. I do think a few parts could be adjusted and re-balanced. There needs to be at least 1-2 more daily challenges generated per day for more casual/new players (perhaps this would appease them from not feeling too bad about Elite Challenges). Some weeklies I find should be considered Daily Challenges such as "Open 3 Relics". It'd be nice to get an extra 1-2 Elite Missions per week as well as I look forward to those the most. The Wolf Cred amount given/required to purchase items could use some adjustment to be a little more friendly to casual/newer players and perhaps the addition of Warframe/Weapon slots and Exilus Adapters in the Cred Offerings would be beneficial as well, it could be capped at a purchase limit of one or two if you feel uneasy about adding those to Cred Offerings per season. I hope in your changes you will keep the spirit of the system intact and make positive decisions in improving it.
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