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  1. The lighting in the Arsenal is so strong it floods the colors, light physics effects and details of the Warframe. BUT, upon entering the color picker menu, the light dims down into what seems to be nominal levels. Examples below; Upon entering Arsenal: Upon entering color picker: Thanks for your work 😊
  2. Elitists? This is where it all started. This is where we beta-test for you f**ks to get a smoother ride because of console update systems having more limitations. And "missing" out is incorrect as they would still get the same time as any of us would. The point is that this event was never synced between platforms and doesn't even have a reason to be. If this is the kind of bullsh** we'd get with crossplatforms, I say Hek no to it.
  3. Look, the community is clearly pissed as f*ck. And rightfully so. We've been waiting for this event to happen for the THIRD time, for nearly a full year. Some people made sacrifices to be able to play the event on the stated release day. The third iteration of an reused event. If it was a PC or all-platform bug, we'd still be pissed because you would've had so much time to fix it before the promised date. But here, it's a CONSOLE bug. For an event that had NEVER been synced with consoles in any way. And now suddenly you decide to screw over the PC playerbase for an xbox issue? **** this. This is unprofessional behavior. I'm starting to be really, really pissed at the tendancy to [DE]laying everything we're waiting for. I'm sorry, I usually am on the other side of the fight, but this time I'm fed up. Git your ****e straight please.
  4. And you give too much sh1ts. Go outside, take a deep breath of fresh air :^)
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