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  1. I want my Kuva Liches to actually have hoards and hoards of resources since they can dominate the entire system with their army. It'd be awesome if they dropped a bunch of relics, a TON of kuva, and stole much more resources from us but dropped an additional +50% or +100% resources/credits to compensate. In their current state they are a joke.
  2. it's almost as if the steam holiday sale has people buying and playing other games
  3. Implying you can't cheese RJ in its current state. It's a joke. Amesha + Cyngas w/ 4 dual stat mods, puncture, slash, multishot, and damage. You can kill even the strongest veil proxima ships within a magazine or two. And don't get me started with void hole + missiles lol
  4. In no circumstance should your stockpile of basic railjack resources fall to 0. Your on-ship stockpile, though? Definitely. That should be improved such that you can "fuel" your ship with resources before heading out to a mission, so you don't have to collect them mid-mission before being able to recharge your omni or dome charges.
  5. So should nothing cost resources to craft in this game? Why do we have to spend polymer to build energy pizzas? That’s 500 polymer we could have extra.
  6. Amesha + Cyngas w/ 4 dual stats, puncture, slash, damage, multishot TTK in veil is comparible to t3 vidar carcs. I’d even say archwings are OP. I don’t believe they should be nerfed though. Just need other archwings and guns buffed to this sort of potential.
  7. What the hell are you on about? We’re talking about basic forge resources (you earn several hundreds/more than a thousand per mission, depending on which sector you’re playing). We’re not talking about rare resources like titanium. There’s no excuse for 25 of a single basic resource being a problem, unless you’ve done like 1-2 missions total so far.
  8. You do realize the forge’s resource capacity pales in comparison to the actual stockpile of resources you should have? Dome charges for example take what, 25 of some resources? That’s nothing when you should have 10K+ of each basic forge resource by now, even without a booster.
  9. If the devs are smart (I have some faith in them here) they’ll buff the other weapons up to Carc’s power. We don’t need railjacks to be even weaker than they already are (a properly modded Cyngas archgun can make quick work of ships...)
  10. I just got my new PC (old one was on its last legs and finally went kaput) and wasn't able to prepare my Railjack during the rising tide update. Now that I can finally play, I've run into a 12 hour repair timer in the rising tide quest. So I bought a rush repair drone to bypass the wait time but can't figure out how to use it. How do I use it? :T
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