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  1. EdwardHowton's post in Help needed, possible glitch with damage output was marked as the answer   
    Welp, apparently the game console is an "app" now that my "account" doesn't "have access" to and I need to "visit the store" to understand the "error code". S#&$ty sales pitch if I've ever seen one.
    Just tried again. I can get to round 3, but I'm just getting my ass kicked in a circle. I can't see the enemies, which means I can't shoot them, which means I don't get life support, which means I run out of time. I optimized everything I could do the point where damage feels normal again, but it's still not enough.
    This is just stacked against me. #*!% me, I guess. A guy with half his visual cortex gone can't compete against 360 degree enemy placement with infinite range and zero cover. Useless goddamn crippled space ninja.
    Thanks for all the help, kiddos, but I'm throwing in the towel.
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