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  1. this is huge! thank you so much for this
  2. well... either you don't or there's no more content for you to play so there's no reason to play at the moment. You basically go through phases or even heaps :p
  3. ah yes. thanks for the fixes tho. also where's my HAT?
  4. Can't even use this during the day. honestly who uses #FFF as white? wtf at least give it a slight yellow tint.
  5. F Dark Theme. guess i'm not using the Forums in the near future.
  6. just when infused on other warframes. rhino's own buff is still as strong as ever
  7. this also applies to the EOM and Mission progress UI as you don't even see how much your gear has leveled without bonus XP or what item your damn lenses are equipped on. Also even with the new UI you still can't check how much standing you gained in (E)SO -.-*
  8. UPDATE 2: Scintillant drops from necramechs are NOT listed yet
  9. So when will this site be updated with ALL new drops including necramechs, bounties, etc.? UPDATE: The site is now up-to-date
  10. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Cambion Drift fish are untradeable (both PoE and OV fishes can be traded) VISUAL: N/A REPRODUCTION: try to trade a cambion drift fish with someone. it doesn't show in the menu EXPECTED RESULT: fish should be tradeable like all others OBSERVED RESULT: fish are not tradeable REPRODUCTION RATE: 100%
  11. this is me. never saw one floating arround. only gotten some from the mechs
  12. Is this noted in the drop tables or just as unknown as the Bounty drop rates?
  13. yes. i have been having trouble actualy that's and understatement. i wasnt able(!) to catch the dang birbs at all because they are just so dang smol and spawn in weird locations...
  14. then ppl should voice their concerned as such and not generalize themselved to the point where the topic is called "DE is killing their game again" when what they are trying to say is "don't force us to to x"
  15. ah yes another one complaining about grinding in a looter shooter. if you don't like grinding this isnt the game for you. and if you are specifically hinting at the scintilliant grind. they are about to fix it.
  16. all the new bounties seem to be missing completely.
  17. the hate is the fact that they could've achived the same with just one type of token. bug tbh i'm fine with this as well.
  18. that's the wrong crystal i found. find the vault. crystal in front of it is the one you need to shoot with your amp
  19. yea i'm finding more and more my self 🤔
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