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  1. 2 minutes ago, (PS4)Magician_NG said:

    Or you can invest in a couple arcane avenger sets and have up to +60% crit chance if both proc at the same time.

    I'd rather have innate crit instead of arcaning for them

  2. So I decided to go back to a really old weapon since rivens are a thing now. I recrafted the seer and after picking it up I realized it has no crits. Am I the only one bothered that most, if not, all other weapons has been changed to have some level of cc/cd

    why not the seer as well?


    as a side note I was getting prep for pistol/melee dual wields and harrow of course

  3. This is roughly late in the event, but I want to put it out there that these freeloaders are quite annoying when they're just there to get free points without contributing anything. This has happened several times and its such a drawback to how much can be done. I've always had the team evac because of the obvious moocher. I don't appreciate people getting free stuff out of others' efforts. I wish DE would fix and boot AFK players who have 0 kills and have 0 contribution with the fact that they do it willingly and on purpose

  4. Oberon is the king of the fairies, it would make sense for him to try and restore the habitat that his kind would be able to live in and survive. That's why Oberon was released on Earth back in u11.5 before being a RNG eximus drop.


    Lore-wise, you can say Oberon had buff properties and is a reason why eximus enemies exist in the first place...just going to throw it out there haha

  5. I would suggest an AOE ability as his 3rd and draw attention to him (Provoking Pulse), where Oberon gets an armor buff and heals with a radial pulse to allies.

    A 4th power I would recommend is a sword and shield weapon power (Spellblade). It could decrease even further the amount of damage you receive by doubling your armor with this ability active and the shield up. While absorbing damage with the shield, a percentage building up could be shown and you can cast reckoning from anywhere between 30%-100% but not between 0%-29% (The shield does not nullify damage, it would just reduce enemy damage when the shield is up). Reckoning could scale its damage with the percentage of  the damage the shield has absorbed. It could take account of the power strength mods and melee mods you have equipped, excluding the bloodrush, body count, and weeping wounds mods. 

    Press and hold 4 to activate Spellblade (initial energy to activate power 25 and a drain of energy to keep active), press 4 when percentage requirement is met to cast reckoning (initial energy cast would be at 75 energy)

    i.e. Something similar to inaros's scarab swarm and excal's/wukong's 4th ability melee powers with adjustment

    Preservative Pulse, augment for 3rd ability, is to drop an aoe hallowed circle when casted (or a small tree lol) , where the buffs can be applied to the person(s) nearby them and emit a heal pulse at 1/4 of the base heal amount for the duration.

    Spellbuster, augment for 4th, would be to lower the available reckoning cast to 15% instead of 30%

    let me know what you think of this suggestion to your list

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