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  1. Any chance we can eventually equip more than 1 of a weapon type at a time? Like, secondary/melee/melee instead of the standard primary/secondary/melee? fast melee can default to most recently equipped melee or to a specific melee slot or something. I'm sure I am not alone in wanting to go into a mission with more than one melee in my loadout. Whether combo counter was shared among the melee or each had their own counter, either is fine by me.

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  2.   Since about the time of the Jovian Accord update I have been having very noticeable slowness/choppiness when in non-combat hubs. Whether it be dojos, orbiters, relays, cetus, fortuna, iron wake, railjack (while docked), or any other non-combat hub of that sort I may have forgotten I experience this. It makes leaving cetus/fortuna take so long that I cant even start missions there anymore as I would be able to complete w/e mission I wanted to do in the time it would take me to load in (dropping into the plains/orb vallis directly works fine).

      When I first log into warframe it all runs fine on my orbiter. If the first thing I do is go to one of the listed places it generally runs fine with the exception of cetus/fortuna. As soon as I go back to my orbiter seems to be when it all really starts up. In-mission everything runs fine. I can log in inside orbiter with everything workin fine, do a mission and still fine, go back to orbiter when mission is complete and its choppy on my orbiter now, do another mission and its fine, and so on. Trying to change builds in my arsenal is like pulling teeth while it is this choppy, and logging out and back in is pretty much mandatory if I want to decorate my dojo.

      Any ideas on why the calm parts of warframe are so sluggish only after I return to my orbiter, yet in-mission when abilities are being used all over it runs just fine?

  3. 1 hour ago, Woebetidethee said:

    Switched from Umbra to another frame before trying to do the last mission in the questline, now when I switch back to Umbra the arsenal menu is completely non-responsive and I can't close it. Shutting down does no good either since it just puts me back in the previous frame so the last mission is non completable.

    Same problem for me. Wanted to color and mod the fella asap, but wanted him to have his own loadout slot and now i'm incapable of continuing. Esc and clicking seems mostly out of commission, tho i was able to click chat box and the button with my loadout's name. Thought i found a workaround since i was able to switch loadout and then if i went to switch back i could see that he was equipped as he should be, but upon closing game and reopening it reverted back.

  4. 4 hours ago, LokiTheCondom said:

    Did you pull this off with mspaint with just a mouse?

    Cuz if you did I'm quite amazed, at least to say.

    Ya just a mouse, ain't got anything fancy. I wouldn't be amazed or anything like that, it is just real time consuming.

  5. 24 minutes ago, (PS4)XxDarkyanxX said:

    A level 10 virtuous contract? I call hack

    Mine is only lvl 2 since I haven't played much yet, but I figured in Warframe that'd be about as useful as a rank 10 or something.

  6. Here is 2B from NieR:Automata in a Warframe arsenal. She may be a ways away from base, but we got plenty of operators here in Warframe so she should be alright.

    I'm certainly no artist, but this thought popped up a week or so before Nier:Automata came out and figured I would give it a shot. This was (probably pretty obviously) done on MS Paint. Not necessarily sure if this can be considered Warframe fan art, but I don't know where else it could belong. Nevermind the profile portraits, just no way I would be able to accurately make a real one from Warframe in such a tight spot.


  7. I bought the Volt Prime Access and my Volt Prime Helmet item doesn't seem to be registering anywhere other than on the Volt Prime itself. I cannot find a Volt Prime Helmet anywhere on the Arcane augmenting selection or in the inventory menu. I don't know if crafted Volt Primes have this same iussue or even if anyone else who bought the Prime Access is having this issue. I have tried looking through my inventory and Arcane augmenting selection while wearing a different helmet, while using a different frame, and leaving Volt Prime with a different helmet while on a different frame in case anyone thinks it might be because it is equipped. Went on Nyx Prime with her prime helmet on to see if her prime helm was a visible option in the Arcane augment selection and inventory and her's was there for her while Volt's remained missing.


    Some pics to show that I do indeed have Volt Prime, and showing the lack of his helmet in the menus.







  8. My Solution to Ability Mod Topic


    I think if you made Ability mods available in the market for 500 cred common ability (slash dash) 1000 creds for uncommon abilities (Terrify), and 2000 for rare mods (molecular prime), Via an ability tab in the Warframe section could be a good solution if at all possible. Just shrink down the size of the featured item or squeeze it somewhere... Also make a tab for sentinel mods like Thumper and vacuum... Would solve a lot of player issues with getting hundreds of these mods with little reason to get them. :D 



    In regards to the warframe ability mods how about having them drop from the boss who has the frame blueprints that way you can still get duplicates but it frees up a lot of space for other mods on the enemys who currently drop ability mods I am not sure what to do with the tenno lab warframes though.

     I believe both these ideas could work, but the second would be more fitting imo.

  9. This has happened to me twice when helping my 2 younger bros with the new defense missions. I think when the time expires on the alert, those that already completed it are ejected into their own game, meanwhile those who have yet to get the reward are left in the correct game. Either that or I am having random crap happen to me as usual, which certainly isn't out of the ordinary.


    P.S. This game rocks, even if i have to wait an hour after getting online to see my brothers online and with little hiccups here and there like random host migrations. Too much about this game rocks for things like that to keep me away >:D

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