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    Vampire/bloodmancer Warframe?

    This isn't really the kind of game for that kind of thing, would fit better in wow or tera. Though we do have typhus who eats his enamies and gets an abiltu depending on what he swallowed which got HUGE community sopport, look up his post if u want the details.
  2. PainXGain

    Hitching/ Stuttering After U18?

    Anybody still getting this post 18.08? Still having the issue even though ppl claiming it's fixed for them.
  3. PainXGain

    Hitching/ Stuttering After U18?

    still got MASSIVE fps degrade goin on, 18.08 didnt completly solve the issue but seems like u might have found the issue out. hyping for 18.09
  4. PainXGain

    Hotfix 18.0.7 [Spoilers!]

    COME ON DE. Still no fix for the fps degrade issue? Hundreds of players haven't been able to play since u18 release or have to restart every 10 mins just to do sorties it's so bad.
  5. Don't know what ur talking about op. Rhino is 100x more usable now, a stomp which we don't need to wait 40 seconds to recast and iron skin being actually usable for something more than to shave off the very edge of a bullet at level 100 and let's be honest did anybody ever actually use his 1 for anything more then joke teleporting builds? Sure his passive coulda been better, something like a passive % chance to draw aggro in a certin range woulda been nice but so far so good. Rhinos relevant now.
  6. PainXGain

    Hitching/ Stuttering After U18?

    its been over a week already and i wanna play so bad T_T most i can do before it gets bad is easy sorties, fps drop comes way to fast to do a defense, or interception and even if those arnt on the docket i still gotta restart inbetween each mission. having the same symptoms as everybody else for the most part.
  7. PainXGain

    [Spoilers] Anyone Else Really Loving The New Regalia?

    Looks nice. Been getting tired of stalker and g3 on my chest.
  8. PainXGain

    Hotfix 18.0.5 [Spoilers]

    Still no fix for the new fps degrade/ memory leak issue since u18? This is a big issue for 100's of players. No money for u de till u fix this massive issue :C
  9. PainXGain

    Hitching/ Stuttering After U18?

    Since u18 been getting massive fps drops after playing in a mission for even just 10 mins. Been asking around and a couple 100 other ppl having the issue as well to its not a broken part issue. Asked my tech savvy friends and they think it's most likely the client as no other games have this issue through my comp. Every hot fix hasn't done a thing since update, fps drop still happening and yes iv done just about every fix that would typically fix the issue including full reinstalls and so has everybody that iv asked. Using a lower end pc but this has NEVER beens so bad, I was always able to maintain a constant 40.
  10. PainXGain

    Hitching/ Stuttering After U18?

    Been bringing this up in region and clan last 4 days, easily have counted over 500 player effected and those were only the ones who happened to see me ask In those chats and wanted to speak.
  11. a moment of silence for our console brothers for their burden is heavy and their souls weary. Let them come to pc and we shall give them rest.
  12. If they themselves can't come up with more ideas then they could outsource to the community. There's a crap ton of material out there just on the forums. Imagine if they put out a way to get ur idea actually selected for a new frame. #ThyphusHype
  13. Yeah I do agree there is a lack of specialization frames lately. I see attempts at it but there potential is being stifled for the purpose of balence. Archer frame is shaping up to be something which rewards ppl who like sharpshooting but in a game like warframe sharpshooters isn't rewarded because they can't keep up in the slightest compared to per say Nova who specializes so damn hard in her catagory. Atlas was a good attempt at a frame which specialized in melee but it couldn't keep up with the other melee esk frames who are already subpar because melee loses to guns nearly 3:1 in terms of damege.
  14. They don't have tonkor yet? Those poor ppl.
  15. Mounts his wheel? FINALLY!!! Motorcycle frame is here. Lol