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  1. I tried starting the first mission available to me from the dry dock, let the emereon cinematic play through, everything went fine until my character loaded into the rail jack, on her knees and wouldn't get up. she can turn her head and look at things, jump, and face slam the floor, but cannot move. Meanwhile the grineer have sensed this, and are ripping the ship apart. I was gonna put the pic in here but things aren't working or i'm an idiot. why cant we just drag and drop an image here instead of having to upload it to a 3rd party place? wtf man, already frustrated with railjack, don't need it here too.
  2. My dry dock was placed sideways because I didn't know you could rotate it. It's possible that like some people I didn't have the button for it, or it's not particularly obvious. Either way, it kind of chaps my hide. I would like the ability to rotate rooms already placed and built, especially for something like this, when clan mates need this room built.
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