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  1. 9 hours ago, arch111 said:

    Anyone else see a pattern emerging?

    1) Hunhow uses fragments, parts of himself as soldiers or indeed surrogates for his control.

    2) Tenno can move part of their mind to a surrogate body as an extention of themselves. 

    3) Harrow now showed us a Tenno can split itself into fragments;  in Rells case they were his emotions.

    4) Stalkers Accolytes and his weapons are named after emotions and dark ones at that.

    5) Ballas said about Valkyr Prime that the warframes burn with passion that the Orokin have forgotten and lost. Again,  emotions and the lack of them.

    6) Margulis, Lotus and Ordis show compassion and Love and the Orokin and Sentients show indifference and hate.

    7) Allignement is Yin and Yang, Light and dark. Two opposites.

    8) Void and Dust, emptiness and Earth. Again two opposites.


    Seems like emotions and fragments are the two themes.  

    In that theme,  where do Umbra fir in?

    BALLAS "Miracles require sacrifice. What are you willing to give?"

    GUARDIAN "Anything."

    BALLAS "Even your soul?"

    GUARDIAN "Anything for the Orokin."

    * flick switch. The ghost of a human sitting in a Transference chair moves into a warframe sitting in another Transference chair. 

    Ballas turns on the second chair,  the warframe comes to life. It rises, looks at its hands,  looks over at the limp human opposite. 

    It rises, walks over and thrust a sword through both body and machines. 

    It backs away, turning to Ballas who smiles and says:

    "Welcome Shadow,  Guardian of the Orokin."

    Is that some leaked spoiler?

  2. There are news about the Orbiter?
    Can we spect it on u18?
    What type of changes can we spect to dojos?
    Its possible to melee dont ignore the idle animation of warframe?
    Every melee weapon have the same idle... Can we spect some idle changes on melee based on what stance/melee weapon you have equipped?

    Can we spect more dual primary weapons like Grakatas but bratons or something?



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