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  1. Hi!

    I wanted to make to submit feedback on the new melee system.

    (minor issues):
    the new system takes away your ability to block incoming damage to suddenly start shooting/reloading into death, or heavy damage. Some problems I have with the new system include dropping the data mass on aim glide to auto equip to your primary, and then having to run back to pick it up. running back to pick something up on an open world is worse off because if I'm flying in an Archwing during the buried debts event i cannot use any zoom function, unless I'm missing my primary weapon as it will drop anything I'm holding.

    (personal opinion):

    I really don't like how the your melee is tied to your aim bind.
    some people might like the quick melee system but there are play style braking feature. For example The Sword and shields main use if for the player to block an attack that would do damage a lot of damage and i end up waiting for the damage to come to me instead of bracing for the damage. there are times when i want to just use melee, and focus on the movement system, but I'm holding a gun out instead of blocking in a attack in a critical moment, for example: a sortie agents a heavy tech gunner/heavy gunner/bombard. My melee allows me to safely go into a situation reliably with little to no damage taken while being on top. Melee weapons are there own thing, and guns I feel have there place but not with a stance mod attached, i feel gun blades should fill that role. channeling has been basically deleted, but the benefits are still there but you gotta do a bit of rebinding, and relearning that feels extremely forced, and i don't have fun with. The main rule for me is don't use a RMB combo unless you only have a melee weapon. for some stances like blind justice it's like writing with your non dominate hand, and most of the combo's are specialized for the right moment. Sometimes it's easier to use a gun, but there are some missions where you need to bring, a gun, or heavily depend on your operator for range. 

    (side notes):

    I found out if you unequipped all but your melee weapon, most of the old melee system mechanics are still there, like a semi block/Perry animation, but the auto block feature is still around, however if you equip a mining laser the game floods your audio with the first equipping sound of the mining laser when you ads/block when you first have the the melee out. there were to many times when an enemy's knockdown got blocked without player input. I had to rebind the channeling key, so I could use life strike. there seems to be a toggle when you block with the toggled channel enemy's sap all your energy, when your not aware of your melee being toggled, because of the new particle effects.

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