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  1. just in case you have been living under a rock all this time, covid kind of messed up all their (and everyone elses) plans. they even have said as much in multiple dev streams.
  2. lots of "official statments" made that havent happened yet. be patient. its all coming SOON™
  3. what im reading from this post is that you join up on pug PoE runs and expect everyone to be good. its a low level area. if you join pugs you will get low level players
  4. if we are going for absurdity here why not unleash every dogs deadliest weapon... the fart an attack preformed with an audio cue that causes a stagger and a gas proc on all enemies within 10 meters of the kubro
  5. yep, you are looking at a skybox projector. if she positions her self right and her friends look at the skybox they should see a giant version of her in the sky box
  6. self damage adds balance to a weapon and lets it be more powerful than it would be normally without passing into overpoweredness. ogris with firestorm and heavy caliber could nuke an entire room but you ran the risk of killing your self if you didnt aim it carefully. now you slap primed surefooted on and just sprint around shooting with wild abandon and the only AoE weapons used with any regularity are the acceltra, trumna, and kuva bramma
  7. your sarcasm is noted and your argument invalidated. have a good day
  8. if you get insta killed by your own AoE weapon and dont instantly learn "hey i shouldnt shoot this at close enemies" thats a you learning problem and you shouldnt project your lack of ability to learn from personal experience on to others.
  9. 1) damage reduction mods dont help when you have ~2k health + shields and you take 10,000+ damage. 2) those are mods that add explosions, not self damage weapons. they did 250 blast damage, which while thunderbolt could be survivable due to how slow most bows shoot, hikou could litterally shred you if you clicked wrong for too long. In fact hikou with concealed explosives was my go to self buff weapon for chroma because it did so much damage so quickly but didnt 1 shot when i wasnt at full buff. 3) wukong should not be in this argument since defy is hilariously overpowered. sure he c
  10. so youd rather instakill your self and use up all your ressurects like pre rework? unless you were innaros or a full buffed chroma, you didnt survive anything but unmoded self damage weapons
  11. de's response: haha nerf bat go brrrrr
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