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  1. Shrine of the Eidolon: Hotfix 22.13.3

    Good update, but I got some issues. You've not fixed enemies being able to walk out of Zephyr's 4, so while the crit and status stats being accounted for are nice, it feels useless since enemies can just walk out of it. Furthermore, there's still no discussion on possibly toning down the scaling/increasing control for her 1. Also, you nerfed cats working on Operators... Cats had a use and now it's been taken away? That's lame. Guess we'll go back to using Vacuu- I mean, Sentinels.
  2. Shrine of the Eidolon: Hotfix 22.13.2

    Still no fix/change for Zephyr's 1 launching you way too far/uncontrollably and vacuuming rubble for Atlas.
  3. Where is Update 22.13.0??

    Is there any possibility we'll be seeing the new Arcane changes in this update i.e. Steve's Twitter post? Furthermore, any news on Rubble being picked up by vacuum/Zephyr's 1 being toned down? Zephyr's 1 feels like it's only for PoE, which is horrible because I'd love to use it in other tile sets but it launches you too high (if held) or too far (if tapped). Oh, and can we get some QoL changes for Plains also? Like, could we get a timer to know exactly when night/day ends in-game? Because it's the absolute worst when you're trying to capture an Eidolon, and your lure breaks before the Eidolon even retreats. Furthermore, I feel like the new Eidolons are kinda bull. Like for example, the Hydrolyst being able to take up 30+ meters of land with its toxin attack is just mean and kinda unforgiving. And lastly, can we make Riven Transmute NOT cost a consumable and, instead, use that consumable to LOCK Riven stats? This is something a lot of us in the community have wanted for a long time, and without it, Rivens have no real progression.
  4. Shrine of the Eidolon: Hotfix 22.12.4

    Still no fix for Rubble not being vacuumed, and no fix for Zephyr's 1 launching you way too far and being uncontrollable.
  5. Shrine of the Eidolon: Hotfix 22.12.3

    Wouldn't exactly help sadly. For Zephyr you want your range and duration, and a lot of it at that. The only logical thing is for DE to tone down the numbers tbh. Nothing we as a playerbase can really do about it.
  6. Shrine of the Eidolon: Hotfix 22.12.3

    I still respectfully disagree with you saying it's for "open spaces". I should be able to use all my abilities anywhere, and on any map. With Zephyr you can't do that with her current 1. It *needs* to be toned down.
  7. Shrine of the Eidolon: Hotfix 22.12.3

    False. It should be able to be used everywhere. In its current state, it cannot be comfortably used in the rest of the game.
  8. Shrine of the Eidolon: Hotfix 22.12.3

    Fix rubble not being vacuumed and Zephyr's 1 being uncontrollable and launching you too far please! It makes the acceptable build on Zephyr hard to use.
  9. This update, DE finally uncapped Volt's 4, but halved its duration in the process. This originally sounded fine, and like a buff. This is false, it's actually a nerf to Volt's 4. For whatever reason, DE is determined on making Volt damage based and not CC, when most Volt players (me included) want a mixture of both. My build has 152% duration in it, and even if I'm 2-5m away from an enemy, they are only stunned for 4 to 4 1/2 seconds. That is absolutely unacceptable for a 4 on a frame that is electricity-based. The duration was ridiculously long before the "buff", but now it's ridiculously short. Is Volt just not allowed to have a good 4? I'm genuinely confused on why it can't have at LEAST 2-3 more seconds of stun. Furthermore, his 4's range is still based on range and not duration. His kit is a cluster of mods desperately trying to balance everything together, and tumbling on itself because of one ability not meshing well with how you want to ideally build a Volt. Nova's M. Prime and Mag's Polarize are all duration based for their range, so why isn't Volt's 4 the same? It's inconsistency, and it honestly makes it come across like DE has a vendetta against giving Volt equal treatment compared to other frames. I would think, since he's a starter, you'd want him to be on-par with Excal's 4 and now Mag. It's not even busted or really op either, because his 4 takes some time to cast and spread out. It just boggles my mind why his 4 is still not duration based for range, but every other frame with similar abilities are. I was really looking forward to seeing Volt finally be in the spot light, but all they've done is nerfed him and made it sound like a buff. I really hope this gets fixed as soon as possible, and DE finally gives Volt what he needs and wants as a frame. Does anybody else feel similarly? I'd love to hear your input on Volt and other frames in this update as well!
  10. Shrine of the Eidolon: Update 22.12.0

    Gotta be honest, I'm not happy about the Volt change. His duration feels too low now, even if you cast it on an enemy right next to you. With 152% duration on my Volt, I get at most, 4- 4 1/2 seconds of stun. Furthermore, I used my 4 on an enemy not even 5m away from me, still only 4-4 1/2 seconds. I don't understand why you guys are trying to make Volt a damage frame and take away his CC, but it's not what a lot of Volt players really want tbh. Is there a reason we can't have both some damage and some CC? Volt feels like he wants both of those things in order to make the best of his kit. Furthermore, why is his 4's range not duration based? Nova's 4 is like that, Mag's polarize is like that, so why not Volt's discharge? It being range based actively makes his kit fight among itself because it doesn't know which stats it wants more. As a result, you lack synergy with the rest of his kit and he's for some reason the black sheep compared to Nova and Mag and others. Overall really disappointed from y'all for not listening to what a lot of us Volt players really want, and not listening to the community on certain things in general (Univac, Rivens, ect.)
  11. So, yesterday (2-7-2018) we were given a post about Warframe's "Trials" (Raids) and how they will be "temporarily removed". This has to be possibly the most hurtful news for Vets. So many players like Raids as their End Game content, and it offers so much (which I will go into). The thought of just axing Raids is awful. Normally I try to be incredibly nice, but this time I have to give Warframe some tough love. So I'm going to make a simple checklist of issues.I need to address -Raids -PoE -The Effects Raids I'm going to keep this short, sweet, and to the point. A LOT of the Veterans play Raids as their end game content. Sorties don't fit the bill, neither do Eidolons. Raids are the "best" and so far closest thing to an end game we have. People have invested so much time into Raids that removing them will legitimately make people quit the game. I am also worried about the economy. Raids were the best source for credits (Index doesn't cut it, sorry not sorry). This also hurts platinum trades over ~300. This is going to make Index the only good source for credits. This is going to make Rivens the only source for larger amounts of platinum (and the market is already toxic with this as is). What hurts me most is all we get for this is a fancy Sekhara. What about the resources people spent to make hundreds of keys? Something has to be done to repay all those people who invested into the keys. I realize that raids take up a lot of server space and resources, but I propose a question: why not just kill Conclave? Conclave has even less activity than Raids did, and yet it gets updates constantly. While I can understand the reasoning behind "vaulting" raids, I do not understand why Conclave gets to stay. Last super important point, people are afraid of them never coming back. Dark Sectors have been out of the game for over 3 years, so the same fear is seen for Raids. If we could get a rough estimate of time on when they will return, it will ease the anxiety of everyone. I haven't talked about Arcanes, but I'll be doing that in this next segment. Plains of Eidolon & Burn Out So, PoE was introduced a few months ago (around October). PoE was (and so far still is) their biggest update to the game ever. A lot was riding on PoE's shoulders, it "had" to be good. Well, I have quite a bit of issues with PoE and things recently. I'm going to break this down the best I possibly can, and hope for the best. 1) The Grind/Relationship With The rest. PoE is, in my honest opinion, the most grind heavy, boring, and detached part of the game as a whole. When I go into PoE, I feel as though it might be a new player's trap. Resource amounts are not the best at all, and without a booster, feel worthless to farm. Nothing in PoE relates to the rest of the game, the resource farms are the most tedious farm in-game, and the mechanics involved in said farming are not done well. Mining becomes tedious after a while, and feels out of the way. Fishing feels overly complex and horrible (this is getting its own paragraph). Then there's Cetus farming for rep and doing Bounties. Bounties are copy/paste mission types, and there's usually at least TWO defense-like missions which feels like a slog. Furthermore, having to worry about TWO more "Syndicates" in-game is the worst. Nobody I know likes farming or going to Plains/Cetus at all, and I speculate that's due to the farming and lack of interesting things to do there. Fishing is getting its own paragraph because it makes me that mad. So to fish, you have/need 3 spears, several specialized baits, and other tools at your disposal. Let's get to the nitty gritty; I hate fishing. The fact you need every single spear is asinine at least, and absolutely soul crushing at most. Why can't each tier be an upgrade, with T3 being the best spear that can catch everything? Why does bait need to hit hot spots for certain fish to EVEN SPAWN? You also pretty much need dye to even see them, because the water is not clear enough (especially at night). Fishing, unlike anything else, has so many flaws that I actively decided to just buy fish instead of farming them, because the farm makes me that angry. Nothing has been done to address these glaring issues, which is the most frustrating part. I really hope fishing, in particular, gets another massive look. 2) Eidolons This is the main thing, the one key factor to Plains: Eidolons. Eidolons at first, are really fun to learn and experience. After you've done the meta, or fought them at least 5 times, they become boring very fast. I expect the same feelings to be found when fighting the new Eidolons (but more on them later). The worst part of Eidolons is their rewards are not worth it. You get Quills standing, so you can upgrade your Operator. The upgraded amps feel worthless. A T2 Prism with T1 Brace/Scaffold should one-shot at least a level 30-40 normal enemy. It should also basically one-shot Sentients, which it doesn't. You'd think them being extremely allergic to void energy would kill them really fast, but I guess not. But this is going to segway into my next point. 3) Rewards/ WHY is EVERYTHING in Plains now??? So, as stated in the original post of Raids being removed, Arcanes will now go to the 2 new Eidolons. This has me immensely worried. I'm afraid that the Arcanes will not have a high drop chance, and will be BLUEPRINTS instead of prebuilt. Nobody I know of uses ANY of the Plains Arcanes on their Operator and such. The blueprint costs require more unneeded farming in Plains that I honestly doubt people want to go through. Along with Riven Transmutation consumables being a terrible idea, this will pollute their drop tables and make the rewards tedious to farm. But now I'm going to get into the part that I'm the most mad about; why is everything in Plains? Why are the new vaulted relics ONLY in Plains' Bounties? Why do the Arcanes have to go to Eidolons in Plains? Why are you changing some weapon requirements to require Plains materials? I'm not sure what statistics are being looked at, but I don't know a single person who enjoys Plains. Everybody I know either doesn't care, or hates and despises it. Most Vets I know hate Plains too because there's nothing remotely interesting to draw Vets in. Plains, as I said earlier, I think is a new player trap. It was marketed as this great update for Vets and Newbies, but it isolates the Newbies with the boring farm and repetitive nature of what Plains is. This isn't just concerning Vets, this also concerns the new players because of the farm, and because of the way Plains has been handles. I feel like Plains' farming has possibly drawn a lot of people away from liking it, and never wanting to do it again. I guess what I'm trying to say is, why can't Arcanes, the Vault relics, and the BP requirements for weapons be outside of Plains? As an MR 25 player, even though I own most of the in-game items, I'm still missing the T3 Prism as MR because I refuse to farm the resources/play Plains. I can only imagine how stressful and off putting it is for those of lower MR, and those who have just began playing the game. Nobody seems to be happy with the vault relics only existing in Bounties, and nobody I know enjoys Plains enough to go farm more Arcanes. I wanna make one final mention towards Eidolons here. I dislike immensely the lack of a good way to get Eidolon Shards/rewards solo. As someone with a lower end PC, trying to even load pub Plains bounties/missions almost crashes my computer, and it basically crashes my game every time. Even still, with people who have better PC's, I imagine pubbing Eidolons is a nightmare and not worth the time. I really want to see a way to still easily get Brilliant Eidolon Shards without needing a meta group or going into pubs. Burnout As mentioned, a lot of Vets play Raids and, the ones I've met/talked to, avoid Plains. So many of my friends have become burnt out because everyone's sick of everything going to Plains and nothing worthwhile coming to the rest of the actual game. I've been starving for content for a long time. Quests, weapons, frames, I want something NOT in Plains. I'm not alone in this thought process either, as many of the people I talk to in the community feel the exact same. Raids offered a good place for the Vets who weren't burnt out from lack of content to still play and enjoy the game, while also feeling rewarded. With that being taken away, a lot of Vets will be burnt out, and ultimately, will quit and even uninstall the game. You might be asking... why is this an issue? Certainly Vets don't play that big a role, right? Actually, they do. Vets offer help, guidance, and understanding to new players. Since Warframe doesn't have the best tutorial system on mods and such, it's mostly been up to content creators and Vets to show new players how to properly understand the game. A lot of the content creators for Warframe are also Vets, and some are even Founders for the game. By making Vets burnout, you're taking away a good source of player help. A lot of Vets also buy things, like Prime Access, Platinum, and Tennogen. By losing these Vets, you also lose an amount of money. Fashion Frame is the true endgame after all, and the ones who have stayed loyal and shown support are those who have stuck around for a few years or more. While Prime Access sales will still most likely be high, it will be enough of a hit that I think DE will notice. This affects the game in such a heavy way, it's kind of unreal. I feel like steps need to be taken to show Vets that they are heard and understood, while also appealing to new players. This way, Vets will get content they want, their opinions will be heard, and with the opinions of new players, they can synergize and make content that is best for everybody. I ultimately want what is best for the game, and so does everyone else who is voicing their concerns. Wrapping Up/TL;DR So I feel it's safe to say, many of us hate to see Raids go. Some of us are incredibly angry, some of us are sad, then there's a few who just feel numb and don't know what to do. I really hope that DE shelves Plains for a bit after this major update and focuses on getting everybody a new quest, weapons, content in general, to do in-game. I also hope DE addresses this burnout publicly in some capacity, to show they understand and will try to help relieve it. At the end of the day though, we can only wait and see. Thanks so much for reading, hopefully we can see some of these issues resolved. With love, -Mittens-
  12. Warframe's lifespan, Raids, PoE, & Burnout.

    I just want the option to not do PoE. I like having options on what to farm, and where to farm. It helps me avoid burnout if I can farm at Xini, then go farm at, say, Stephano. I get that they want to link it to the rest of the game, but there should be an option to not participate.
  13. Warframe's lifespan, Raids, PoE, & Burnout.

    Not so much a resources refund. I don't care what happens to the few keys I have built, but I mentioned it for the people who have hundreds of keys. But allow me to make an addendum to my post: Can Raids be improved? Absolutely. Does everybody like Raids? Absolutely not. For me the problem is the fear of them "never' coming back in some way, better and improved. Dark Sectors have been gone for so long, and only now are coming back. I'll be incredibly honest, this post was moreso about burnout and PoE having glaring issues, than it was about Raids. Raids just tied into it because of where Arcanes are going to be put (in the new Eidolons). I believe PoE can be great, but DE HAS to improve its Bounties, Rewards, and grind.
  14. The Temporary Future of Warframe Trials

    The thought totally just occurred to me... you're shutting down Raids but not Conclave? LUL
  15. The Temporary Future of Warframe Trials

    Well, looks like some of the only true end game content we have is going bye-bye. Goodbye best credits farm. Goodbye one of the best ways to make platinum that isn't through dumb-luck Rivens. Goodbye all the resources we used to build our keys. Furthermore, adding Arcanes... to Eidolons? I don't like this idea, because I cannot trust how y'all handle Arcanes. I'm afraid they're going to be dumb blueprints like the ones used throughout Cetus, which is gonna add even more unneeded farming to Plains. Furthermore, I worry about the drop chances. I can totally see Energize being a solid 0.25% chance to drop and it being really, really bad. But what boggles my mind the most is... is it that hard to fix the raid bugs? Is it so hard that you're going to retire Raids for the time being? I simply don't understand the purpose/point of putting Raids behind closed doors. I cannot in good faith support this decision at all. Want an easy way to anger the Vets desperate for end game content? Want to anger people who use something other than Rivens to get decent plat? This is how you do that in one fell swoop. I doubt a fancy Sekhara is going to cover the bill for this one.and go over easily with the Vets.
  16. Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.11.2

    Meant to post this on the initial update/hotfix, but why are the vault relics only in Bounties??? I personally don't like (and have an incredibly hard time running) Plains/Cetus. It would make so many people happy if you had them in Bounties, and ALSO in the rest of the game's drop tables. I want to farm the relics, I really do, but I do NOT want to go through Plains to get them. :/ Also, now that we have 3 frame packs being unvaulted... why do we not have an accessories pack for the unvault?
  17. We need to address Rivens and Kuva

    Thanks so much for all the feedback guys! I really appreciate you taking the time to read and discuss this I'm not too big on the idea of using the "transmutators" as the way to lock riven stats, because I don't agree about them existing. Furthermore, I don't feel like I should have to farm Eidolons to get said transmutators Also, 3 Shards and 3 transmutators to get a 2nd lock feels too pricey imo. Yeeaaahhh, I realize they need the money for the servers, that makes complete and total sense. I still wish we got more transparency on why they've not changed rivens any though. Rivens have been out for over a year now, and there's been little to no changes. The idea of not consuming transmutators for transmutation is interesting, but it still shouldn't be eaten after locking a slot. Either way I look at it, I don't have fun with Plains or Eidolons, so I would prefer a different way to farm them. Maybe that would also change my opinion, only time will tell! I actually really like this idea a lot! Because this allows for players to decide how long they want to stay, different methods to actually farm the Kuva, and adds a bit more spice to the current farming method. The MR requirement is kinda worthless. You can't even do sorties until you finish TWW, and that's quite a ways away for new players. Also, yes, the highest MR lock is 16, the lowest is 8. I feel like they need to keep MR locks to weapons (and I guess frames?) for now. Having MR locks on rivens is arbitrary and makes no sense. I couldn't agree more about the Vets thing. I've played for over 2 years, and I feel like that would help keep people interested who are MR20+ and have done most of the content. Also yeah, Kuva should be a resource from the Fortress. The issue is how would that be implimented? The best way I can think of is by fusing the two ideas you mentioned. Having the Kuva units drop some Kuva, and the siphons also drop some Kuva. Community events are tricky though, for people who aren't caught up in quests, but that's an interesting idea nonetheless! Thank you guys for all the comments once again <3
  18. We need to address Rivens and Kuva

    I hope you're all prepared to read, because this is gonna be a looonnggg post. So I'm going to break it down as best as I can to make it streamlined. Furthermore, in each segment, I'll provide ways I feel these areas can be "fixed" or alternated to help player enjoyment and QoL. KUVA Kuva is a key component to rivens, and even to building some weapons. Even if you don't like rivens, you've most likely farmed Kuva at least once. The way about going for Kuva in itself is fine, but there's several glaring issues. Firstly, Kuva amounts from missions is NOT okay. 600 Kuva from a siphon is not enough for even a roll on an unrolled riven. 1200 or more from a flood is equally not okay because that's not even a roll past, like, the 3rd roll on a riven. The amounts of Kuva per difficult mission are just not there and not rewarding for players. In order to get even a moderate amount, you NEED to buy a resource booster. Even then, 1200 per normal siphon and 2400 per flood is not rewarding enough. You should get a good amount as a reward for the level content you have to play. A large majority of the player base might never go past Sorties, and Floods are sortie-level content. For having to go through X mission with level 80-100's, you should get at LEAST 3k-3.5k Kuva without a booster. Siphons should also be increased, instead of 600 base, why not make it 2000 base? This way, nobody NEEDS a booster to farm Kuva, and those that have a booster get that much more. Besides, if you have a booster, most likely you're rolling rivens to sell them on market for really high prices. This also eliminates the need to also bring cats for possible quadruple Kuva, which means players can use Vacuum to still go fast and pick up ammo, items, energy orbs, ect. Proposed Fixes: -Increase Kuva amounts. At least 2000 for Siphons, 3000-3,500 for Floods. Second, Kuva enemies are not fun to fight. I cannot tell you how many times I have farmed Kuva, and died because a Hyekka Master came up behind me and I looked at her for under a second and died. Furthermore, Guardians stun lock you into oblivion, and basically one-shot your Operators, even in Siphons! This is more of an enemy scaling issue, and my proposed ideas here are not as simple to implement. Proposed Fixes: -Nerf Hyekka/Hyekka Masters damage. -Change Guardians to be less about being stun locked into oblivion and possibly change their mechanics (?) to be better to fight against. RIVENS This is probably the main reason I am making this post. Before I dive into this, I want to point out some key notes about me as a player: 1) I own 80 rivens. 2) I think rivens have potential to be really good. 3) I have invested several hours into farming Kuva and rolling. Several rivens having 20+ rolls. 4) I think rivens can be fun. There's several dumb rolls I own that I have a lot of fun playing with. Now, this is going to be enormous, and I'm going to have to break it into more chunks to address everything in the amount of detail I deem worthy and respectable. RIVEN STATS Here is the kicker, the Big Bertha of this post. As they are right now in-game, rivens cannot have their stats locked or fixed, cannot be made towards a working investment/goal that's rewarding, and cannot be "easily obtained" (more on this later.) So let's dive in: Firstly, stats cannot be locked. You may be wondering, if you're not sure already, why is this an issue? It's simple really, it plays into rivens going towards a rewarding investment for the player. As a player, you've farmed enormous amounts of Kuva, enough to get at least 10 rolls right off the bat on a unrolled riven. Say you get Multishot in one roll, Damage in another, and Crit Chance in another after that. Those are all stats you want, but you cannot progress towards them because rivens are 100% rng based. As a player who has invested so heavily into a singular riven, you should have the right to lock in those stats. After, say, roll 5 if you're not happy with any rolls, you should have the ability to lock stats from then on out. Going back into this being a form of progression/player investment, it is important for players to have a goal to work towards. Every other mod in the game has this form of progression through ranks, but Rivens do not. Sure, rivens can be ranked with endo, but that is not the same. Because these mods are 100% rng based, they need more to be worth a player's investment. Locking stats will give "end game" players just that. You can even tie it into Plains, and make the requirement to lock stats Eidolon Shards and an amount of Kuva. This would make so many players happy, and make them feel like what they're doing is worth their effort and time. Proposed Fixes: -Lockable riven stats -Locking stats costs an Eidolon Shard and X amount of Kuva. RIVEN SLOTS & ECONOMY It's no surprise to everybody that rivens make Digital Extremes massive amounts of money off of platinum. It's not uncommon to look in Trade Chat and see a riven with subpar rolls have an asking price of 1k, 2k, even above 3-4k plat. This is for ONE riven. Due to rivens not having locking stats, it's allowing these "toxic" players to demand outrageous prices for their rivens. It also pollutes anybody else selling something that isn't a riven. More often than not you see riven sales instead of other items like Prime sets, mods, ect. This can be fixed with the proposed changes above about locking stats with Eidolon Shard(s) and Kuva. This next segment is going to sound meaner and more ill than I intend, but it has to be said. The reason DE has not fixed rivens it seems, is because it makes them money as it is right now. Players are having to farm for endless hours to get a "perfect" riven, and the players that have more money than sense are forking over thousands of plat for rivens. At the end of the day, Digital Extremes is a company, and that's understandable. But would it kill for some transparency on why we've not heard about riven changes/improvements? Lastly, let's talk riven slots. Riven slots cost 60 plat for 3. That is 20 plat per slot, which is equal to a warframe slot, catalyst, or reactor. That is an outrageous price to pay for some mod slots. I realize rivens being as needlessly random as they are takes up server space and the like, but buying riven slots feels like robbery. Once again, I understand that Digital Extremes is a company, they need to make money to keep the game alive, but the whole riven system as it is right now feels like a cash grab. Proposed Fixes: -As per the above point, lockable riven stats. -Transparency from the devs about why rivens are not being messed with RIVEN TRANSMUTE This is a brand new edition, not even in-game yet, but I want to address this because it is incredibly important. Rivens are already 100% rng, transmutation is also 100% rng. This is adding rng, on top of rng, on top of rng, on top of rng, and then AGAIN on top of rng. This is not going to benefit rivens at all, in fact, it's just going to make the market more toxic and riven-driven than it already is. To top it off, these transmutes are consumed after use. Normal mod transmute consumes mods and credits, and that is perfectly fine. So why do rivens need to be special? As if that isn't enough, these will be locked behind the new Eidolons. I'm probably in the minority here, but I immensely dislike Plains of Eidolon. I don't see the reward for having to go through Cetus, praying my computer doesn't crash, then go through Plains and fight Eidolons for only one "worthwhile" reward. Even then, it's almost assured that these consumables are not guaranteed drops from the Eidolons, which is unacceptable. Assuming these Eidolons will be harder than the Teralysts are, not having the transmute consumable drop guaranteed every time is more pointless farming in a segment of the game that's already too grindy to play without a booster. Really and truly I feel we need to address the current issues with Rivens rather than add more to them. Adding a bunch of tape to a broken bat still means it's a broken bat. That all being said, I strongly disagree with this being an addition to the game. It's only going to hurt the state of Rivens more. Proposed Fixes: -Hold the feature back until rivens can be revised and made more rewarding. WRAPPING UP So I realize this is an incredibly long post, but I hope I've made my stance and opinions crystal clear. I only want what is best for the game, and to see the game prosper and grow. I don't hold any grudges towards Digital Extremes, or the Warframe Devs in any way. I can only hope that those of us who want these systems fixed can be heard, and everybody reading this can help make that a reality! I thank you all for reading, and encourage you to spread the word and possibly we can get rivens to where they need to be! TL;DR -Fix Kuva amounts -Fix how Kuva enemies ruin the farming experience -Have the ability to lock Riven stats -Some more transparency from the Devs on Rivens -Revise Rivens, then MAYBE add Riven Transmute later. -Mittens-
  19. We need to address Rivens and Kuva

    Well, the proposal is a lock of 2 stats at max. That way if it is 4 stats (3 positive and a negative), you have half of a riven locked down to what you please. I like your idea of allowing the 2nd lock after 12 rolls ^^ As for the Eidolon Shards, I did that not because I like it, but because DE seems to want the two to relate. While I don't agree with Eidolons having riven ANYTHING in their drops, I'll give them the benefit of a doubt and propose that as an idea. Furthermore, this gives Shards a use after maxing out Quills. I'll say this though, I'm iffy on resource cost. Because there are so many resources in the game, it would be hard to pick one that seems to correlate. The best idea I can come up with is using more Kuva to lock the stats. ^^
  20. We need to address Rivens and Kuva

    Here's how I see it, DE can't help us (the player base) out unless we are constructive. If we are angry and yelling at them, and don't provide ways for them to ruminate and improve the systems we have issues with, things will never get resolved. I read your post earlier before writing mine, and I gotta say you have every right to feel angry, especially since you care about the game. Just keep in note that it's worth everyone's time if you reflect and revise :)
  21. Dev Workshop: Weapons, Mastery Ranks, and Stats!

    This is overall really great, but comes across like the frame buffs/reworks. Everything is good, except 1-2 things. This case, it's the Pandero and Plasmor. I still don't understand why the Plasmor doesn't have headshot multi anymore, because it's not even busted OP, and it was really fun! Pandero feels unneeded, like a nerf just to say there's a nerf. Changing the crit damage from 2.5x to 2.0x is taking away a good 30-50% of its damage potential. I don't recall anybody complaining about it :/ Also, and this has been bugging me for a while... Why have Braton/Lato Vandals not been re-released? I'm sure everyone who has it isn't angry or opposed to them returning. But it really bugs me because I personally LOVE the Braton, and the Braton Vandal is a straight up hybrid. Lato Vandal is also noticeably good too, and I want a "good" Lato to be able to fashion and take to Sorties. I realize a lot is going on with this new weapon's pass, and with the new frame buffs/nerfs, but I feel like there should be more transparency on *why* things got nerfed. I also really hope Braton/Lato Vandals get re-released because not only do I want the MR, I want the weapons for the weapons and I'm certainly not alone! That all being said, these balance passes are AMAZING and bring so many weapons up from what they used to be. It's about time we got a proper weapons balance pass, and I'm really happy with the majority of it. Keep up the good work, DE.
  22. Dev Workshop: Warframes Revisited

    Can you use my Volt please? I have a good "general build" that works for ALL of his abilities, and is a good showcase for his 4!
  23. Plains of Eidolon: Update 22.9.0

    When can we expect another look at Volt's 4? Still not happy about the damage cap making CC unreliable, along with the range on his kit not being duration based like Nova.
  24. [DELAYED] Damage 2.5 Part 1: Physical Damage

    So what you're saying is, you're nerfing Slash weapons that aren't a majority slash (like 70-90% Slash)? So pretty much RIP all Slash weapons excluding Galatine Prime and Atterax? DE you guys can do the right thing, I believe you can. Bump the other two procs up to be on-par with Slash. As a man who has played this game for 2 years, is MR 24, and has supported this game a lot, I do not want to see Slash as king anymore. I'd rather have options. All these changes do is enforce the Slash meta, and flip it on its head so it's only for very few weapons. I've come up with some possible improvements to the other two procs: Instead of Impact being some unreliable form of CC, perhaps make heavy-Impact weapons like the Fragor Prime, or the Arca Titron also give a slow to the procs. For instance, say you whack a Corpus Tech with a hammer, he falls over, he gets back up. The Impact proc proposal here would slow that enemy down by, let's say at least 30%, for around 5-7 seconds. That'll easily bump Impact up with Slash. The proposed changes to Puncture are great, but also kinda lackluster. Perhaps have it degrade armor to some degree, like a mini Corrosive proc? This way for larger armored opponents at, say, Sortie level, if an enemy doesn't go down quickly, you've got slight armor stripping to assist you in dealing that final blow, alongside the reduced damage the enemies deal. Slash is perfectly fine as it is, but I want to address the meta once again. As a veteran player, I personally feel very limited when it comes to procs to kill enemies at high level, thus resulting in me having to use Slash based weaponry. By no means am I suggesting a nerf to Slash, or even a buff, what I am suggesting is that the other two Procs be brought up to the same level as Slash. It pains me to an incredibly high degree to see where you guys are taking this game. You've nerfed 2 frames that had no reason to be nerfed, you've killed the Sonicor AGAIN, you've refused to put in Univac for several years, you've refused to give frames the help they truly need (Hydroid), and NOW you're killing the procs? The future of this game is very worrying, because with changes like this, I don't see Warframe lasting a 5th year. Please, I beg of you, hear the fans out and do the right thing. Put aside the selfish things like not wanting Univac, and not wanting to actually rework frames properly, and give the majority, the fans, the consumers, what we want out of the game.
  25. I am honestly amazed. They nerfed Gara's 4 so it's almost worthless now, nerfed the Sonicor (which is a gun a lot of the community loves), and then wussed out on the Volt changes because oh god how dare Volt kill, like, 3-5 enemies in 1 cast of Discharge. No damage cap removal! It's not like Mesa, Ember, Eqinox, and Banshee do more damage. No those frames are fine. This is the kind of stuff that's honestly soul breaking, and I'm getting to a point where I am honestly considering uninstalling because of the bad decisions. Also I am really late to the party, but uh... I dunno if I'd call Volt's "Proto skin" a deluxe. Heck the gif of Volt killing the 3-5 dudes has a STORM helmet on, so someone didn't like the helmet I love this game, really I do, but please stop making bad decisions and making the player base angry. Thank you and good night.