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  1. Handspring (with Wukong) in today's PoE sortie also does not work at all.
  2. I would like to report that Handspring (with Wukong) does not function in Kelpie Sedna.
  3. I have the same problem in some (not all) missions, Handspring simply does not function at all.
  4. The first disappearance, I was in "Invite Only" mode, only by myself. The second disappearance, I was in "Public" mode. In both disappearances, I used Wukong (used all abilities), Thumper Doma was within 20 meters, no ghouls. In Public mode, not all team mates were fighting Thumper Doma. Thanks.
  5. It happened twice in a row!!!! Almost killed doma, then it just vanished in the air!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Almost killed a bounty 5 doma by myself, suddenly vanished!!!! That was for the nightwave!!
  7. After using Wukong almost exclusively since the rework, I have 2 suggestions: 1) Free Wukong from the small Defy window (like Ash in Blade Storm). 2) Allow the Twin use other weapons when Wukong uses Primal Fury. Thanks.
  8. I wish that the Cloud effect in Cloud Walker can be toned down, as it obscures the visibility in many environments. Thanks.
  9. Been testing the new Wukong by using him to solo almost all the sorties, I feel that the rework is generally good. I just wish that the new Defy can be more interactive (e.g. Wukong is allowed to attack in Defy).
  10. It seems kill counts by Celestial Twin are not recorded in mission, I just noticed that in a Nightwave act (complete 5 PoE bounties).
  11. Finisher is just so obvious out of the stun and people on this forum have already mentioned about the issues of melee attack out of Cloud Walker, not sure why you needed to give people a 'hint' of doing something so obvious. You think you are the only one who knows this common thing? However, I can tell you as I have been testing Wukong, both in simulacrum and soloing many sorties that are not supposed to be Wukong-friendly since the rework, it is definitely not 100% chance to land a finisher every time as you claimed. It depends on how you position yourself for executing the finisher, and the erratic movement of Cloud Walker sometimes hinders the precision of the positioning. In fact, you would have known what melee weapons and what stance that truly gave the freedom and 100% chance of executing the (stealth) finisher under the old Defy without the need to cloak yourself, especially soloing tons of high level mobs, if you were really a Wukong veteran. I have over 3k (non-steam) hours in this game, nearly 11% usage of Wukong on my record. You claimed the reworked Defy is "undoubtedly better to the old defy where you were more focused on the energy meter than the game"? From such a claim, I can already see that you did not have enough experience with Wukong, let alone an optimal build for using Wukong in the past. I for one did not need to be "more focused on the energy meter than the game", you were clearly struggling for maintaining the energy instead of busy destroying the mobs like a badass by using a range of powerful weapons under the old Defy. By the way, spin is just a word, of course Wukong is swinging his staff, I certainly did not mean it is something like spinning like Revenant or spin to win, that kind of thing.
  12. While the reworked Defy can deal reasonable damage if Wukong is being swamped, repetitive spinning for few seconds each time is very boring compared to the old Defy in which Wukong was at least able to use whatever powerful weapons he carried to fight the enemies face to face.
  13. The stun time out of Cloud Walker is also way too short, should be buffed along with the duration of using Cloud Walker.
  14. If you run a balanced build with a duration of 123%, the timer of Cloud Walker & Defy is even down to 2.46 seconds.
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