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  1. Why nerf something when more people like it? To discourage people to use it? Why? Should buff or improve the other stuff that people don't like, so that it will be used more, right?!
  2. Any hope to make Flox Syandana to unfold all the time?
  3. Agreed, while Ensnare is good, Larva is more efficient to use for me as well, almost like Alex Mercer in Prototype.
  4. I agree accidental fun stuff should be further developed into the gameplay after being fine tuned, some players being clever should be encouraged, this makes the game more fun.
  5. I have seen players reaching MR20+ with play time of just few hundred hours. I just enjoy the game regardless of my MR, years ago I was MR12 when I had non-steam play time over 1k hours.
  6. I still cannot use primary weapons in archwing in Necralisk.
  7. Do we copy the original mod configuration with all the scaling? This is very important because chances are the mods on the warframe who is going to subsume it cannot maximize that ability.
  8. My understanding is the current Cloud Walker is really the pre-reworked Defy as it generates health as long as you have energy, like in the old days.
  9. Fixed in regular archwing missions now as the above tenno reported. However archwing in Railjack still got this problem, someone can please confirm?
  10. Still having this problem, cannot use any primary archwing weapons at all! Please fix this problem, thanks!
  11. This problem still persists as of today, please fix, thanks.
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