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  1. Frozen screen happened again right after I finished the last terminal in today's Mobile Defense sortie, in solo.
  2. It happened again when I used Excal to solo today's Mobile Defense Sortie (Pallas, Ceres. Radiation Harzard), the terminal died in seconds as my Exalted Blade was slashing a grineer in front of it. It seems to me the terminal in mobile defense sometimes takes friendly fire from Exalted weapons in some situations, e.g. solo.
  3. Energy now cannot be replenished by Rage or Hunter Adrenaline while the Elude is active. Please fix, thanks.
  4. The stranded tenno was invisible right in front of me, just an blue indicator above his location. Because playing solo is more enjoyable for me.
  5. This problem happened again in today's last sortie, Defense, in Void!!
  6. I spent 540p for the Vallis Domination Collection Bundle because the Flox Syandana looked so beautiful as displayed on the market. Turns out the Flox Syandana just opened briefly in a certain movements, it mostly stayed like a box at the back of the warframe. Now, after some update, the Flox Syandana does not even open, forever a box. Please fix, and this syandana should always open like wings as displayed on the market originally, can you imagine how ugly it is to wear a box at the back?
  7. I solo'd today's Mobile Defense Sortie (Copernicus Lua, Radiation Harzard) twice, the first terminal died within seconds with Octavia's disco ball running in front of it. Is this a new normal for the sortie with the radiation harzard modifier or a bug?
  8. This problem has been reported like 2 weeks ago:
  9. This problem came back again and again, every time after some update!!
  10. This problem is happening again and again, at least since last year, just after some updates!!
  11. This problem is happening again and again, since last year, frozen screen but sounds going on.
  12. Valkyr no longer jumps to the enemy when the secondary fire button (keyboard or controller) is pressed with Hysterical Assault, please fix.
  13. Hysterical Assault does not work when the secondary fire button is pushed, after the update.
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