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  1. Type: In-Game, Cambion Drift
    Description: I was doing a tier 5 bounty in public matchmaking. I was using Magus repair to restore my Warframe's HP.

    Reproduction: Enter operator form, enter void mode. Without exiting void mode, return to Warframe.
    Expected Result: You should fall through the ground in the Cambion Drift
    Observed Result: I fell through the ground in the Cambion Drift

  2. System & ProgressionUpdate

    What's Coming:

    Faction and Lich overhauls, as well as Railjack, are still to be done. Got a full time job, so I've been working a good bit slower as I continue to adjust to the hours. Don't worry though, I haven't forgotten about all that stuff.
    Please also keep in mind that we're now only accepting applicants from individuals who are over the age of 18.

    WIP Changes

    I've completed the rulebook and am currently going through and reworking the weapons. Each weapon type is going have unique perks to their type, which should really diversify the image and playstyle people might want to use.
    Once I get done with the weapons, I'll be rebalancing enemy stats, changing how Armor works, and adding an agility stat to Warframes. I'll also have to go over pets and Focus schools. Once I finally get all the wrinkles sorted out of my new job, things should start moving a bit more.


    The Vay Hek assassination RP has been temporarily put on hold until I update the combat system.

    Nora Night has been on hiatus and consequently, the Lich RP has also been put on hold.


    We're still active, just moving slowly and as usual we're always accepting new applicants for those interested! Just send me a message on discord if you've got questions. If you leave a submission here, it may take a few days for it to get seen, but I promise we're not ignoring you.
    Thank you in advance for your interest!

  3. System/Operational Update

    What's Coming:

    Railjack and Faction system redesigns are still a good ways away. I'm trying to make all these revamps and improvements as high quality as I can, rather than rush it all out.

    WIP Changes

    I'm still working on updating the combat system. I'd say I'm about a 3rd of the way through, closer to halfway. I rewrote how the basic descriptions on how the turn cycle functions, the different character statistics, and I also added a categorically alphabetized list of actions and how many Time Points they cost. This will make it much easier for people to plan their turns out.


    The allied forces of Nameless Redemption, Akopkeya, and independent Tenno have successfully taken over Vay Hek's outer courtyard and are preparing to push into his compound and finish the job.

    A small squad of tenno under the direct guidance of Nora Night are getting closer to uncovering the mystery of a rumored Kuva Lich.


    We're moving a little slowly, but we definitely aren't dead. If you're interested, feel free to message me or leave an application here if you're feeling brave.

  4. SalamanderMan80's bio was rejected by the review team. Reasons why were discussed over DMs on Discord.

    As a related note, we're changing the way we accept new members. For this point forward, all applicants are allowed a maximum of 2 initial submissions. I'm more than happy to answer any lore questions and resolve possible conflicts and inconsistencies. If the first submission is rejected, a second will be allowed after any course corrections that may be needed. If the second submission is rejected, we will no longer accept submissions from that user.

  5. System/Operational Update

    What's Coming:

    Still no updates on Railjack. Updating and further streamlining the combat system has been my focus. But once that gets updated, Railjack should fall neatly into place.

    WIP Changes:

     The updated combat system has been coming along slowly. I’ve been trying to think up unique perks for the individual skill trees. Unfortunately, some skills are inherently more difficult to get creative with while staying close to the core mechanic of said skill. However, I’ve also decided to add a couple perk trees to each weapon and create a complete weapon compendium (mostly for weapons that have unique abilities like the harpak and Staticor). Here’s a sneak peek at a couple general skills:



     In regards to faction stuff, I haven’t touched the base building stuff yet. Just like railjacks delays, I’ve been focused on condensing the combat system.

    The review team and I are working on updating our plot hole lore to make sure its consistent with the current status of in-game information.

    What's Done:

     I added an agility stat to each Warframe based on their size/build which affects their stability and mobility for those special situations where you may need to make a reflex check.


     Like before, once these core issues are complete, railjack will be my next object to tackle. And with it, we’ll likely get to the Scarlet Spear event in character shortly after.


  6. Its been awhile since I updated here, but rest assured the RP has not died. We're still active, just moving a little slowly due to school and college sucking up time. That being said, here's a technical update to keep those interested up to date with our current status:

    System/Operational Update

    What's Coming:

    No real news for upcoming stuff at the present. Railjack has been put on the back burner as it will require a huge time sink that I don't currently have. I've chosen to focus on improving current systems in the RP.

    WIP Changes:

         I've been working on merging both the combat system and the mission system into one nicely packaged synergized system. In the combat RP's we've done since I released the original split version, we've always ended up using a combination of the two in some way shape or form, so I decided to merge the two together. This should actually make the combat system we have a lot easier to approach in the future.

         In relation to the RP combat, I'm also completely reworking the skill system in place and setting up skill trees like you would see in an RPG game  This will allow players even more character customization and provide unique approaches to various situations. Color coded skills are part of a "tree" and require teh skill from the tier before with like color to be chosen. This is NOT the final form, but a peek at the idea I've been toying with.


         On the note of factions, I've been working on the base building element of the faction system and have resumed my work of creating unique modules for factions to create that will bolster their strength. The perks and whatnot are mostly done for the planetary based structures, I just need to create logical prices to accompany them. The space based stuff is currently in progress.

    What's Done:

         I've completed both Grendel and Gauss' Warframe docs. Both were tricky to complete and some abilities had to be modified, but they still serve the same purpose, just optimized for text based play.


         Once I get the current to do list stuff done, I'll likely start working on railjack. I'm excited to see how some of the see changes work with the RP, and was pleasantly surprised at how the combat system has been working, so I have high hopes that the combat system 2.0 will work even better and be a lot more fun to use.
         For those who have been watching this group, thank you for your interest and I hope to see more applications in the future!

  7. 23 hours ago, (PS4)Spirit_Wolf_2005 said:

    Age: 14

    Race: orokin

    Warframe(s): Ash prime

    Focus School: zenurik

    Faction: independent

    DnD Alignment: neutral good

    Bio: my character is not apart of a faction as of now, however I may join a faction later. My character is a tenno who participated in the old war, and by the time lotus left my character has no compassion towards anyone. I would like my tenno and warframe to be found in stasis inside the wreckage of a sigma series railjack. He would have entered stasis to ovoid his near death.

    Thank you for your interest in our RP I really appreciate it. However, your bio is presently rejected.
    The information about your character is rejected due to lack any substantial information and creative writing. Furthermore, we don't yet have Railjack functionality in our roleplay yet, so having your character found in a Railjack is not possible at the present.
    You also did not submit your bio in the proper format (Google doc with share link).

    You may try a new submission, but fix the following:
    1. Proper Submission format through google doc.
    2. Create an actual bio. I updated the requirements for character bios. You need at least 3 full paragraphs (5 complete sentences each).

  8. On 2019-12-24 at 10:30 AM, Ariandell said:

    Your bio and colony has been reviewed and approved by our Review team! Welcome to the RP, Tenno!

  9. System/Operational Update

    What's Coming:

    Having just finished my current college semester, I now have several weeks of free time to devote to furthering our RP's functionality. This is just a brief update of what is in the works, and possible ways it will function. Nothing mentioned in this post is set in stone but it is a good representation of what I intend to do with the newest additions to Warframe:

    Kuva Liches:

              Having had plenty of time to analyze how the Kuva Lich system works in game, I've got a pretty good idea of how this is gonna work. Using a series of dice rolls, a single Kuva Lich will be created to antagonize the Origin System. All active RP members will then have special opportunities to track down and learn the nature of the Requiem incantations required to kill the Lich. Just to be clear, players will not have their own individual Lich. There will be a singular entity that players must work together to kill or convert.


              This may take a little longer for me to fully develop, but Railjacks will, like in game have to be built. This is going to be a HUGE addition to the RP, requiring a whole new combat system for critical missions. I don't have much concretely planned for this, but it will open up a significant dynamic in the RP.

    I'll have another update about a month from now, and hopefully Nora will have some juicy story progression stuff hopefully around that time, maybe a little sooner. Thank you for your interest and I look forward to seeing your application if you're interested in what we have going on here!

  10. System/Operational Update

    Faction System Redesign:

    With the start of our RP to take down vay Hek once and for all, I realized that there were somethings I wanted to do in the RP with my faction that were not possible with the old faction system. As a result, I ended up COMPLETELY redesigning the faction system from the ground up and rebalanced the faction EXP and way they operate.

    What's new:

              Specializations: We have 11 completely unique specializations that players can use to customize their faction! Want to be a warmonger that utterly destroys Corpus & Grineer facilities? Choose the Combat Specialization. Wanna be a Pirate faction? Plundering Corpus supply lines? Choose a combination of Smuggling, Fleet, and Combat Specializations and grow your power in space. Player factions can even choose to go the non-combatant route and even build colonies and terraform planets with a couple of our specializations. And those just some of the ones we came up with! I'm open to ideas about adding brand new specializations to further increase customizability.

              Specialization Points: As your faction levels up, it gains points you can spend towards training your factions skill in many areas. Your faction can be a jack of all trades, or it can really knuckle down and excel in a couple areas, the choice is up to you.

              Personnel Points: This is an easy way for you (and I) to keep track of how many people are in your faction. This increases as your faction levels up, can even increase when you help out neutral colonies in the Origin System. You can even get bonus population points when you level up for having good Origin System standing (similiar to the Syndicate Standing system in game)!

              Faction Buildings & Fleets: This was a brand new addition to the faction system that I think will really add some more spark to how it all works. Factions can now choose to build Outposts and colonies on ANY planet in the Origin System where they have influence. This requires a fair amount of resources and credits for each, but the bonuses you can reap from building said structures are well worth the cost. The more advanced structures aren't quite finished yet as I've been juggling a lot of administrative work and have had to prioritize some thing what with Vay Hek's soon coming demise but when this is done, expect customization options on par with the faction specialization system.

    Archwing Combat Introduction

        Some of I wanted to do with this Vay Hek take-down RP is introduce the use of Archwings in our combat system. This isn’t gonna be anywhere near as dizzying as it is in game, so don’t worry. This is currently a WIP, but should be done within the next few days along with the Grendel and Gauss warframe profiles for the combat system.


    Loot Tables and Resources

        Having finally run and completed my own little dungeon run, I can confidently say that it works VERY well! Once you get past the initial hurdles of setting things up and understand the dice roll orders, it’s a very easy system that’s very intuitive and allows for some pretty serious personalized customization. It’s not terribly grindy feeling and is overall pretty satisfying.



        Our RP recently introduced a Nightwave segment! We have an anonymous group overseeing broadcast creation, story planning and release times! Our writer(s), as you can see from the Nora__Night post above, are quite  talented and have really captured the essence of Nora Night in their weekly stories. In addition, we’ve also added a junior Nightwave reporter named Kemi Prell (also an anonymous user), who plans to do bi-weekly minor updates to the happenings in the Origin System! Think along the lines of general news like current invasion status, Lunaro, Index, Rathuum team scores, maybe even the occasional interview. Not even I know exactly what they're planning!
    For those of you who might be interested in what our Nora Night posts are like, here’s an excerpt from one of Nora’s posts on our Discord server:

    “Heads up, Dreamers. Something fresh is zipping down the line. Those corpus fat-cats above the lovely Jovian clouds found something tasty. A void portal, entombed for Seven knows how long under the Europan ice. Open and waiting, not even trying to hide. Maybe it was broken, maybe it was sabotaged, one can only guess. All Nora knows is that this particular gateway opened into a setting I’m sure you dreamers find familiar: a cryo-vault, with a pristine, untouched frame just waiting to wake up. I’m sure you can guess what happened next. Some lab-coated crazies tore into the poor thing, splicing and brainwashing their way to their very own murder-crazed Dreamer. Be on the lookout for this “Five,” Dreamers. From what Nora hears, she won’t hesitate to tear you a new one.”



        We’re making some big strides both our story progression and the systematic functions of the RP this month. For those of you that read this update, I thank you for taking the time and look forward to seeing any forthcoming applications!


  11. Q: Could we PLEASE get the option to turn off waypoints and the minimap?
         I've been playing around running missions without my HUD on, and it gives the game a whole new and refreshing feeling, but its also a nuisance to not know what your basic stats like HP, energy, SP, ammo, etc. are. I'd desperately love to this kind of option implelented. The game feels so much more immersive, and Survival missions feel SUPER intense when you have to go looking for Life Support before it runs out.

    Q. Any possibility for more operator voice packs?

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  12. System/Operational Update

    Secondary Tenno Characters:
              After much deliberation on the topic of allowing each person the option of having a secondary Tenno character, we're now allowing old and new members to create a secondary Tenno character. Please reference the Character Creation section in the original post for the full details. Please be aware that the review team for our server will judge secondary characters with the same criteria as a primary character. if you want to ensure your secondary character is accepted, put the same effort into them as you put into your primary and keep the overall narrative of the RP in mind when doing so.

    RP Combat & Dungeon System:
              Having just wrapped up the first serious RP that uses the Boss Fight system, I can say that it works very well and still allows creative actions and interactions. As for the dungeon system, other users have started to use it, and while initially slightly confusing, they have learned how it works and can complete their dungeons quite efficiently. One player has even gone so far as to merge normal RP with the dungeon system, and while we're all still trying to get the hang of how it will work, it's proving to be quite a refreshing approach to RP.

    Character Skills:
              We've also added new skills and perks to the character skill sheets and removed the restrictions on what skills can be mastered.
              We now have skills dedicated around training and commanding Kubrows and Kavats. Players can now invest skill points into "beast mastery" to increase the effectiveness of their pets on the battlefield! In addition, there are now "Flight" skills for Grineer and Corpus vehicles for those people may enjoy hot-wiring and stealing vehicles from those respective factions.
              On the weapon skills side of things, we added new functionality for a couple of different weapon types, that basically buff them and make them a little more powerful and add a lot of new functionality to the classes.

    Pet Skills:
              In addition to the Tenno, organic pets now have their own unique set of skills that allow players to customize and enhance the way their pet behaves in combat. This one is really cool. Imagine a Huras Kubrow that's been trained to rescue downed characters and cloak them during rescue. Thats just one of MANY combos you can make.

              That's it for our technical updates! We've made a lot of progress since the launch earlier this year, and I intend to keep making adjustments and improvements to how everything works, and add new and unique functionalities to the RP where applicable that enhance the experience, not bog it down. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I look forward to seeing any future applications!

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