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  1. Fixed if It's still available (I am in eu i was sleeping during that post sowy).
  2. I would like to join the clan! My IGN is crazzy007. -Why? I don't know. I find it rare since this clan is very private and i like it this way. Other clans just spam the recruit chat even tho they already have a lot of players. -I am usually up for any kind of activity somebody wants to do(ex. if somebody wants to do a 1 hr index for john prodman i would be up for it even tho i already have the decoration). I also like to help new players grow(in this category are also included my irl friends even tho they barely play).I am well.... shy in person but very sociable online. Sometimes I am impatient when it comes do doing an activity and i get angry when somebody is too slow when doing something, but when it comes to this, I try to keep my calm and move on like everything is going alright. I am a confident person that knows how to make decisions annd i hardly have any doubts in any situation. -I like to do memes and share then with my friends. Actually, Shy's channel was one of the reasons i got hooked up in the world of memes. -Besides Warframe I also play Hearthstone, Mortal Kombat(both komplete edition and X),sometimes League,many shooter games (no overwatch) and different kinds of mmos. -The next week I will have my entry exam for collage so i will not be THAT active in-game, but after that i will be active almost all the times. -My steam alias is I CANT C (a meme from a streamer on twitch)
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