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  1. Passive: This Warframe causes nearby technology to breakdown just like he has. Enemy weapons have a small chance to jam if they land a hit on him. Security cameras and barriers may flicker briefly if he gets close to them. The window is small, but it can maybe be just what you need ...

    1st ability: Lash, The Warframe stretches it's arms out and lashes at enemies with it's tendrils. This deals damage, but also has a (medium-high) chance to steal extra ammo, energy, health or even armour as the Warframe adds pieces of the enemy to itself!

    2nd ability: Nano-Repair, The Warframe activates a shield that increases status chance and status duration from procs affecting the warframe and allies. But it also inverts the effects of physical damage status procs! Puncture damage increases their attack damage, slash procs result in health gain and impact damage increases speed. Some elemental procs are affected too, electric status will charge the warframe's energy, magnetic effects will regenerate shields, corrosive damage boosts armour instead. The more procs affecting the warframe = drain more energy.

    3rd ability: Helping Hand, The Warframe pops his right hand off. The hand is now running around on the ground like Thing from the Adams Family and is under the control of the player. It drains energy over time but the hand is much harder to see than a full warframe, much faster, and can jump really high. It can also stealth kill. The main body is still vulnerable while being controlled. Hold down the button to instead charge a rocket punch!

    4th ability:  Breakdown, The Warframe pushes itself to it's limit. Bolstering the power-strength of allied warframes, but at the cost of releasing electricity and fire in a wide radius around it as it moves. If the Warframe runs out of energy while this ability is active, it will begin draining Health to continue to power Breakdown, and it can cast it's other abilities at the cost of Health as well.

  2. I'm having the same problem.

    I did the 20 minutes on Draco yesterday, completed Kril and Vor this morning, but it won't unlock. I'm wondering if it could be because of the quest? I did the Archwing quest way before this update, and it has a big green tick showing it's been ticked off but could be a bug to do with that? (Unlikely though as I haven't had this problem with any other junctions!!)

  3. Hey, I've been having the same problem with the Jupiter Junction on Ceres. Is it something to do with pre-completed quests not registering as completed?

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