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  1. owo New Event ! New Sentient Weapon ❤️ rip lockdown and lure fighting in Eidolons fight
  2. Oh boy need those 2 accessory packs . And happy to farm the nekros ^^ .
  3. Will you annonce the futur prime vault ? That come after ash,vauban.
  4. merci beaucoup ça fait super plaisir de pouvoir lire En Français . je comprends souvent les 3/4 de l'anglais du coup je loupe de l'info mais La c'est Top !
  5. Thx You So much will maybe try again railjack with all those hotfixes
  6. So the awesome damage of the redeemer was actualy a bug ? Hmmm . And thanks you very much for the fixes 🙂
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