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  1. reap and sow are too weak when used separately by themselves, gloom shouldn't need an energy drain that increases over time, and sevagoth practically has no passive if he doesn't enter bleed out mode.
  2. hopefully his passive isn't just this because on death passives are effectively non passives because of the on death requirement
  3. I feel like the onslaught matrix aura mod should always be able to reflect damage as long as the railjack has any amount of shields, instead of only being able to reflect damage at 80% or more shields. or maybe it could be the other way around, where it only reflects damage if the railjack has no shields.
  4. it's odd how the cooldowns are tied to his 3 but the cooldown on his 3 is too long for that to be practical, his 1-3 could be way more streamlined if they all had a 5 second cooldown instead of having different cooldowns for seemingly no reason
  5. rip gian point but my bet is that people will find the next best node to replace gian point anyways
  6. yeah but it should be obvious why range doesn't have the same level of buffing as speed, because it can provide way higher potential for clearing rooms. not only that but range can reign the effectiveness of attack speed way more than attack speed can for range.
  7. if speed can be an apparent increase to range then range can be an apparent increase to speed
  8. well then I guess range increases will be the new speed increases
  9. but it's indirect or apparent increase, which makes it more situational
  10. and not all non forward combos are good for movement, so really range through moving and moving speed is only good for combos that don't lock you. again that's like saying punchthrough increases damage.
  11. saying attack speed is a range modifier is like saying punchthrough is a damage modifier. that's pretty much only gonna matter for forward combos, and that's without assuming all the combos that still lock you in place.
  12. keep in mind that's all there because melee is supposed to be the best close range option because they're hard limited to close range (again with few exceptions), meanwhile guns can in theory be even stronger at longer ranges just because they can cover it. but if melee can beat guns despite the range differences, then it obviously should be more of a problem than attack speed or mods.
  13. I honestly doubt it's attack speed that's making melees seem strong, when options that should be constrained literally at melee range (with a few exceptions) seem stronger than ranged options in most scenarios, it's probably the attack range itself that's causing the disparity and not how fast you can attack.
  14. maybe it can both grant 50 shields/ignite enemies whenever it connects/reconnects and when pillage is casted on connected enemies.
  15. not even then because the energy drain also increases with more enemies eaten, and unlike the damage it isn't capped at 10 enemies.
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