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  1. maybe it can both grant 50 shields/ignite enemies whenever it connects/reconnects and when pillage is casted on connected enemies.
  2. not even then because the energy drain also increases with more enemies eaten, and unlike the damage it isn't capped at 10 enemies.
  3. I agree that the exponential energy drain, while kind of a brutish design decision, can actually be pretty fair. however right now it is not, because of the sole fact that pulverize has a 10 enemy limit that caps its damage. I'd be willing to accept grendel as a whole as he is now if atleast that 10 enemy cap was removed. if we barely get to enjoy it because our energy will run out within seconds, atleast make it really worth using it in the first place.
  4. I'm positive it doesn't have any damage fall off but I'm also positive that it's the complete lack of status chance on the explosion that still makes it feel weak to use compared to the base version. the only way that the explosion can proc any status that I know of is slash procs through hunter munitions.
  5. because, and I say this as a die hard rev main, his tanking and scaling damage are overrated and thralls are no where near practical beyond minor distractions, while danse macabre is good enough to nuke most content levels. it's also detrimental for frames to be as convoluted as lavos or pre buff gauss. but if rev did get a rework, I hope they go after danse macabre first. personally I'd be fine if they just gave him an exalted laser arm canon or even a carbon copy of gantulysts energy pillars or any of the big flashy eidolon attacks really. anything would be better than spinning laser ba
  6. I agree they need a buff since rivens and the top 20% of all weapons make the remaining 80% of weapons seem good when they're actually not. although I'll say that abilities are in an even worse situation than this. also I wonder how long this post is gonna stay in the frame section instead of the weapon section, it's already been a full day since op created it.
  7. I think the thing that sleight of hand needs most is to not destroy drops for the mirage casting it, each drop could get 1 charge before it can't be turned into a trap again
  8. they're fickle when it comes to improving frames when their primes release, they might base it on whether the frame is popular or not. just how inaros didn't get any improvements probably because he's pretty popular as a pure health tank despite having a terrible kit.
  9. uncapping the rubble amount would improve this part, it's annoying as is already to get to the max limit anyways and armor has diminishing returns but between the effort to hit it and the decay, it would atleast be a qol upgrade. this is actually really weak, 25% extra status duration for most damage types is gonna be like 1 or 2 extra seconds.
  10. yeah I'm also 50/50 on it proc'ing void status but everything else still stands
  11. yeah it'd definitely would be more fun and useable but his 1 would probably still beat it in damage, atleast removing the cap would help stomach the pure impact damage, movement, and energy drain.
  12. unlike his 1, for some reason, meatball mode has a 10 enemy hard cap where the damage doesn't scale beyond that. literally the simplest and most direct solution for improving grendels ult is to remove that 10 enemy cap. it would also justify it's massive energy drain and clunky movement.
  13. what if it stays as is except the projectiles have infinite punchthrough on bodies and they keep traveling until they hit an obstacle or something. also it needs to be recastable at max limit and proc void status.
  14. that's around what you can do normally if you focus on building teleportation abilities for other frames, and technically it's generally normal if you count void dash. besides teleportation without range goes against the concept of being an instantaneous form of long range travel and just becomes a dash.
  15. I wouldn't even say he's a good nuker either, in the sense that his nuke is too slow in many ways and requires way more set up than most. at best he's a debuffer and occasional nuker.
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