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  1. just make abilities like landslide and khoras whip be moddable separately, like exalted blade, because it's still restrictive having to turn weapons into statsticks for them.
  2. except the premise of feast is to literally do that, his entire kit is. and I get that it would trivialize most enemies if you just ate everything nonstop but the uncapped energy drain is taking a hammer to the problem. as someone who does actually use him, he has some very obvious problems. the most obvious changes I've felt he needs is his passive needs to go from 50 armor per enemy eaten to 50 hp per second per enemy eaten, feast needs an increase to the static vomit range, nourish needs a radial heal, regurgitate needs its damage set equal to vaubans photon strike and a tap/hold function to switch from semi to full auto, and pulverize needs better handling and needs to lose the 10 enemy cap for damage/range. and of course there's the insane energy costs that need to be normalized, except for pulverize if those changes were made cause you can't justify them otherwise.
  3. it actually used to do no scaling damage at all on release, everyone unanimously agreed it was trash and so it got buffed with the level scaling mechanic. as for regurgitate, all it just needs is a guaranteed toxin proc and/or the base damage changed from 1200 to 2500, which is the base damage of vaubans photon strike (which also has level scaling).
  4. if you mean pretty darn powerful because it's one of the few damage abilities that can compete with weapons mainly only due to the level scaling mechanic, sure I agree. but its 8 meter long cone range is palpably short, 10 meters would hit the sweet spot of useable static range that doesn't feel like you have to be right at their face.
  5. it isn't, it's a static 8 meters and it doesn't change in game with more or less range. which isn't bad per se but could be bumped up to like 10 or 12 meters or something if it isn't gonna be affected by range mods.
  6. the passive change is kinda meh, 1000 armor is not that great though might work with his health amount. would be better and simpler to turn it from 50 armor per enemy eaten to 50 health per second per enemy eaten. then you give nourish a radial heal to keep relevance. the energy cost changes would be fine, though the current costs are acceptable if: feasts gets a base range increase; nourish again gets a radial heal; regurgitate has its damage set equal to vaubans photon strike and is given a tap/hold function to switch from semi to full auto; pulverize loses the 10 enemy cap and gets better mobility. oh and regurgitate might be bugged currently, the level scaling damage affects the regurgitated enemy but not enemies hit by it. tested it by using high level techs.
  7. what's the problem with gaining its buffs? the damaged type change and crit buffs are fine, nearly every friendly projectile is affected by volts shield like that and it's not like blaze artillery should have any exception to that. its also not like there's always gonna be a volt in a proteas squad, and if there is then it's just team coordination.
  8. whatever I'm just gonna trash my tombfinger once I get stahlta, already dropped it once I mr foddered it anyways.
  9. right but grendels kit is fundamentally already super selfish, having nourish heal allies in a radius could contrast that a bit nicely. and yeah I agree, but you can atleast make him work if 80% of the time you just focus on his 1 and 2, and maybe his ult if you can find a way to get a hang of the wonky movements. honestly at a basic feel, grendel could only use damage tweaks for his 3 and handling/energy tweaks for his ult to be well rounded.
  10. -passive- it's better thematically if it involves enemies in your stomach, imo it should heal 50 hp per each enemies eaten instead of giving armor. -1st- I think the energy ramp up is a good balance so you don't just infinitely cc everything, though the ramp up could be lowered and capped if it isn't already. the static range of the vomit could also be increased to atleast 10 meters. -2nd- the radial knockdown would be ok but I'd rather it radially healed allies instead. holding the button to damage all enemies inside would also be a good addition. -3rd- it really does feel redundant when compared to his 1, especially in damage, but his 1 already has a tap and hold function and replacing it with something else could be too much. how about instead doubling on the redundancy and giving it a hold function too? tapping it already makes it semi auto, while holding it would make it continuously spit out enemies automatically. and to play on that even more, it should also have a 100% toxin proc chance like his 1. -ult- better handling and inertia is always a good feedback for this skill, especially making it not susceptible to hard landings. making it function with no enemies eaten is also always a good feedback, which would be fair since the damage wouldn't scale if you hadn't eaten enemies beforehand. although the energy drain ramp up could be toned down alot, it's magnitudes worse than his 1 energy drain. the damage is also capped at 10 enemies eaten, which could be done away with since it's competing with his 1, weapons, and other frames for damage anyways.
  11. simple exalted blade idea; heavy attacks send out bigger energy waves.
  12. atlas' rubble passive should just be uncapped, atleast then it'd be worth spamming petrify for the new aug, especially considering you have to fight against the decay aswell.
  13. that atlas aug would look more appealing if rubbles base limit was uncapped, but atleast it doesn't have a cool down like nidus' and valkyrs aug. that saryn aug also looks like straight up a waste.
  14. his 4 could use a rebalance instead of a rework, mostly just better momentum against enemies/heavy landings and the damage not being capped at 10 enemies, since it's competing against his 1 for damage just like his 3.
  15. Still, why not just make it so it works like revenants thralls where the affected targets don't count towards the kill requirement?
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