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  1. I don't know what's happening with the enemies; however, building for range damage abilities enemy radar. And I can't find anything to help complete the objective. No enemies withing reach yet the area is not secure? This is just flawed. It's been like 3 years and this issue still persists. On every platform. Please fix this. Cetus would be much more enjoyable if this bug were fixed for all platforms.
  2. Also this could help with a new set mod. On Eximus death + yada yada yada...
  3. I'm not sold on colors or anything. They just should be identifyable. Colors or not I just think outlining it with another color or giving it priority on the map or bold outline. Something would be nice.
  4. Well I'd imagine you don't use the map much anyways. Perhaps it could have more defining features like a bold outline around it?
  5. Okay bugs I guess. It never has isn't a good reason to not bring attention to it. Especially since the Helminth System is a thing.
  6. Any discussion about what the developers intended purpose was is beside the point. It's flawed. I've said what I'm trying to accomplish and I did accomplish it. My problem is I wasn't rewarded with energy Orbs. The frame being used is Atlas. If the energy drop is only during a magnetize effect that should have been stated in the description before I subsumed it to my Atlas Prime
  7. Good contribution to the discussion everybody. Once again a great experience on the forums...
  8. Sorry it took so long to post this. For those of you who don't know atlas's Petrify locks enemies in place. So ragdolling was not a factor. All enemies are killed by pull.
  9. I've seen about 2 posts about this and I am making another one. I subsumed Mag's Pull to my Atlas Prime seeing that Mag's Pull Ability would grant energy Orbs for Atlas. An increase in power strength would give: 1 Greater magnetic damage to pull. (This is being enhanced by petrify's feature of increasing damage vulnerability p0) 2. Greater loot drop chance from petrified enemies 3. Greater Energy Orb Drop Chance See, I thought that would work but it did not. Having +150% Strength and +50% Efficiency I went to low level infested areas thinking enemies woul
  10. Unintended but if it makes you feel better about yourself, sorry.
  11. Eximus units are pretty pesky and provide some good buff for the enemy. We should take those buffs away. Problem is you have to know where they are and sometimes you have no clue where they are on the map. Eximus units could have a unique coloring on our map. or Just make Eximus units color coded to their buff etc. This is in addition to +30 enemy radar
  12. Using the Sobek, I have I think 10 multishot. I decided to try and use a Max Tainted Shell to see what it could do in terms of headshot damage. Sometimes I see many instances of damage popping off the target which is good; however, sometimes I see 2. Like a literal 2. Is the game combining the pellets? Is accuracy bad? A bug? What's actually happening?
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