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  1. Spoiler


    E:  Hi Marcelino!

    M: wazup Eulogio!!

    E:  how are you doing man?

    M:  fine, thanks.And you?

    E:  fine ..fine..really busy these days trying to master a new warframe , can't remember the name....

    M:  Wisp?

    E:  yeah, that's it. She has an incredible assss….emblage.

    M: you know what?

    E: shoot!!!!

    M: Remigio told me yesterday there is a new place, a place to show that you are a real Master.

    E: we both know that I'm the real JaggerMaiiiiiiistaaaaar!!!! I'm MR 436, I have all things available in the Known System!!!.

    M: but this is different  yo…...

    E: as always, mehhhhhh!!!!, I'm pretty sure that i can solo that place!!!. Like eidolons, Sanctuary, Arbitrations…

    M: mmmm, but you can't . In order to get access, you need  tennos to fight with you!!!

    E: What?.Why the hell i have to fight with other looooossssers….sorry ....tennos?, they are selfish and narcissist!!!!,but ... look at me....before I was vain, now ....now  I'm PERFECT!!!!!

    M: I think they call it Coop Gamoplayboy!, or something like that.

    E:  I see, maybe an old orokin combat style. Ordis!!!

    O: Operator?

    E:  Look for “Coop Gamoplayboy” in your dataS#&$tttt….sorry ……. datashet.

    O: No entries, operator. But I have a 87.879% coincident  entry , is from Pre-Youtubers era, called Cooperative Gameplay.

    E: Cooperative gameplay?, I've never heard of that, Cooperative sounds terrible.

    M: yeah I know , but there is more. All tennos have to talk to form a team and look fo.....

    E: Talk?  You mad Bro?, why?...I'll wait until other tennos  find the meta-team composition, I really hate to talk with other tennos.

    M: mmmm, you can't. Cephalon Simaris will give all team members a timed random choice between 3 warframes , 3 primary, 3 secondary and 3 melee weapons, and all are normal versions. So they have to look for good combos between  an…

    E: waitwaitwaitwait! RNG is there? You must be kidding.

    M: Nopppp, HE is waiting for uuuuuuuuuuuuus.

    E: RNG…..Oh S#&$!!!.That's a really dangerous place.

    M: Once all tennos  have weapons and warframes , they will be given a stipulated time to mod all of them, with all mods available. An…

    E: Ordis!!!!!!

    O: Operator?

    E: Look for MOD

    O: 1 entry operator!!!. Pre-youtubers era again, tennos used to place mods in all warframes ,weapons , etc, in order to get more power, efficiency , range , dmg, etc…

    E: ahhhhh, I think I can remember it. I did it like 100 years ago , maybe more. My Saryn is so powerfull since then!!!!!!. Oh wait, is the same with weapons, is there where I have to place my rivens, right?.

    M: Yep, but in this place you can't use rivens and you…

    E:  NOOOO........, that's a big NOOOOOO.... ,I´ve spent thousands of plat…..argg, I´ve kidnapped some Ventkids boys and I've sold them to Anyo just to get my Fulmin riven..and now… and now I can't use my Rivens?

    M: mmm, you know how this works. You should go to General  Discussion and find a specialist, there are really good ones there, they'll find the right treatment for you!!

    E: Ordis

    O: Operator?

    E: Get an appointment with a general discussions specialist!!!

    O:  TL:DR?, operator?

    E:  yep

    O: Extra whining, operator?

    E: mmm , sounds good!!!

    O:  e-penis content?, operator?

    E:  PERFECT!!!!!

    O: Quitting warframe message? , operator?

    E: mmm, no no , wait for saryn nerf. That's enough!!!

    O: Done Operator.

    M: well , may I continue?.

    E: Of course.

    M: Once all members have placed mods, they face 3 stages.

        - Stage 1 Called parkuring-yamakashing!!!-

    Members have to parkour through an obstacle course, the course of the winner of monthly clan competition. All of them have to arrive in time or the mission will fail! And they…

    E: skip it skip it, I know this crap, ….. just void dash and done!!!!....

    M: mmmm, sorry, I forgot to mention it. Transference doesn't work there, that place is covered with RNGinerie metals, so , no transference at all, we can't use our powers and schools there…..

    E: ahhhhh you, you are joking!!!! Little basstaaaarrddd!!!!!....

    M: Nop.

    E:  No?.....Oh maaaaaan!!!, just warframes, normal warframes?

    M: Yep, only normal  warframes....

          If they arrive in time, they will fight against hundreds, thousands maybe more….of high level grineer…. And you know what?...

    E: (Muuuuurderrrrrmurrrrdeeeeeerrrr things , I love it) ops, sorry, distracted, continue please.

    M: No life support

    E:  o_O

    M: I promise.

    E: and… what else??

    M: A random grineer boss is waiting. His health bar is equal to X times the total of seconds invested in all this phase.

    E:  WoW, not bad , not bad.

    M: want to hear more?

    E: sure, give me  moaaar blood!!!

    M:    - Stage 2 Called Defending K-Annyon-

    Tennos will start a K-Drive race, from another Clan event, with limited time, ending in a VIP defense mission. RNG will designate one of the team members as VIP ,the VIP has no weapons, just casting abilities. Again hundreds of high level corpus will try to take down the VIP. If VIP dies = Mission Failed. And...You know what?

    E:  Shoot!!!!!

    M: No nullies there

    E:  Wooooooondeeeerrrrfuuuuulll!!!.....really?

    M: Nopp……….I'm  joking, sorry. Couldn't resist temptation.

    E: mothe……!!!

    M: a random Corpus Boss will be waiting, and again, his health bar will be equal to x times the total seconds invested in all this phase.

    E: Blood everywhere!!!!!, ..and … what else....what elsee!!!!

    M:     -Stage 3 Called The MommY!!!-

    Another race, this time tennos will take their archwings, and another monthly clan event, time….

    E: I know ........I know……Infested everywhere!!!

    M:  nop, we both know how challenging they are.

    Here they will have to fight against an army of sentients…… conculyst, …..amalgams,…batt…

    E:  wait....., without our powers, just warframes? are you kidding?

    M: Nopppp…

    E:  and now?......, Garry, Terry  with x health………

    M: No….Teshin is waiting for them here. He will offer to the entire squad a booster ,you know, double resource…drop chance…etc..for their reward.

        If 100% of the squad agree with the booster  they will continue to the final Boss battle.

        If 50% of the squad cannot agree selecting the booster , the will have to play a Lunaro Game. Winners make the choice and all squad  proceed to the final boss.

        If Over  50% of the squad cannot agree, they will have a Death Match…the last tenno,...... the real survivor,...... the one and onnnnnnlllyyyyyyyyy  #*!%ing     Jaggermaistaaaa!!......will take        the choice!!!!!!... and the´ll proceed to the final boss.

    E: and that´s all?. A #*!%ing booster??

    M: Noppp…

         Now they will face……The MoMMMMMMMyyyyyy!!!!

        She´s waiting for them...........for all of uuuuuuuuus!!!! The Mightyyyyyyyyyyyyyy MoooooooMMMMMMYYYYY!!!!!

        With a health bar equal  to x times the seconds invested in all 3 phases. She.......

    E: wait a min!!!....Lotus?......you can´t be serious…let me recap …are you telling me that …..;

         I need to talk with other tennos for coop gamoplayboy ....or whatever.... and  learn to mod warframes and weapons, I need to know their abilities and characteristics…. parkour…K-drive….archwings, killing all bosses..without rivens, primes ,schools , amp....butttt...mannnn!!!

         WE CAN FAIL!!!!

    M: Yep, seems so.

    E: and what´s the name of that place?

    M: the tennos call it ""ENDGAME"".

    E: But all that S#&$ just for a booster?

    M: if they defeat the final boss, they get their rewards with the booster applied an.....

    E: wwhichhh ones wwwhichhhhh ONES!!!!!

    M: I've heard about new arcanes and primed mods , something like arcane viagra and primed vigorize....but the most important thing...there are long term rewards...sounds to me... tennos             with 50 raids completed , can use their favorite colors in their warframes during the raid, with 100 raids, they get sigils and regalias, with 200 raids they obtain access to prime material in             raids.....and so on...Some groups of tennos become friends after a long time playing raids together, and they create communities in order to teach new tennos how to raid...they go in a bus       to the school or something like that...sounds weird...but at the end.. they group in communities, friendly relationships...

    E: friends?

    M: yep

    E: you mean clanmates.

    M: No, I mean friends.

    E: Ohh......you mean traders, and riven ma....

    M: Nooopp.....I mean.......nevermind.

    E: Ordiiiis

    O: Operator?

    E: look for Arcane Viagra in Baro Express, all plat available for this purchase.

    O: error 404 operator.

    M: you can not buy them, trades are only for those who at least have completed 1 raid...

    E: oooo...k....oo....k, that's a really great grind wall..

    M: Winter is coming my friend,... winter is coming!!!

    E: Ordis!!!

    O: operator?

    E: Head to Eeeendgaaaameeeee!!!!

    O: You can't....... operator.

    E: ehhh...what?

    O: you have warframes pending....

    E: ok build that crap...... Ordis!!!

    O: I can't operator...you still miss ; ash systems, equinox day chassis and night neuroptics, saryn systems,ivara chassis and solaris rep is not maxed yet so you ca.....

    M: winte.....

    E: SHUT  UP MOTHER.........SSSSSSSS!!!!!!

    O: quitting warframe msg O-P-E-R-A-T-O-R  ??????



    I hope  someone has enjoyed!!!!!




    This is just a little dream of what i would really love to see in this game, and is just my opinion.

    What  is ENDGAME?

    A place where tennos are out of their confort zone.

    Where they feel safe?. If they use their min maxed builds and equipment , they will destroy any content that DE throws at them.

    How can we get them out of there without taking the fun away ?

    We can try with -RAIDS- [suggestions needed]

    Give them X [suggestions] time to choose between X..[suggestions] warframes and weapons. They will have to talk looking for the best choice, and they will be forced to know well all warframes and weapons available in game. (except the last one released).

    Force them to mod their weapons and warframes, with all mods available in a given time[suggestions].

    Well designed maps in order to be able to move and feel the power of our warframes

    Operators are not allowed (BROKEN- GOD MODE OFF)

    By this way, tennos that know what they are doing (not the tennos with better equipment , rivens, etc..just tennos with  knowledge and skill) will be compensated with shorter times to finish the raid. Less time easier Boss, more time harder Boss and who knows maybe a ...FAIL.

    Let them massacre thousands of enemies without worrying about things like life support or stupid AI hostages, give them options, I mean.. If you play in affinity range all members gain for example X power strength [suggestions] . Again efficient teams = less time.

    After every stage a random Faction Boss with a health bar equal to x[suggestions] times the seconds invested.

    Dynamic obstacle courses between phases . Changing every month [Clan contest winners].

    Let them have fun if they want to or skip if they don't (Teshin part - Lunaro or Deathmatch )

    Rewards [suggestions]

    20 kuva rerolls , new arcanes, new primed mods , umbra and aura formas... whatever people feels is worth their time.

    Long term raiders recognition . [suggestions]

    10 raids ----- regalia

    20 raids----- -sigil

    50 raids------viagra glyph

    100 raids---- X

    And who can access this raid? [suggestions]

    IMO tennos that have mastered all warframes (normal).


    We need a Raid that challenge us , force tennos to know well their game, force us to improve our skills, avoid falling into monotony , that gives meaning to clans and reward us as we deserve for the time invested.


    What do you guys think?





    PD: Still learning English.., be good . I'll edit what is wrong.

    Best Regards SaXToM

  2. For me worked like stalker farm,high lvl nightwave mates rank 30 would be perfect, only 1 weapon , or rank 0 weapons, catchmoon or any rad weapon and magus lockdown arcane in order to land headshots without problems and go  to hydron or cassini , Titán in Saturn wait 4 min rinse and repeat.

  3. Lack of content?, Try to start a new Game.

    The grind wall for new players......pfffff

    IMO it's becoming a problem. 

    Content is the primary reason why new players left the Game after playing only a few weeks, they run  away scared and overwhelmed.

    Two years ago, you could explain the Game mechanics to a  new player in two hours or so.

    I can't find a way now to help them before they leave the Game.

  4. Please select your difficult lvl:


    1. Solo mode ( learning myself )

    2. Pubs ( look at that Guy,....)

    3. Clanmates... Veterans? ( I need a taxi to this alert....)

    4. Youtubers builds? ( I don't need help with mods it's better copy and paste)


    I'm pretty sure you are playing option 1









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