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  1. Oh, it isnt my concept. I just thought it would be super cool if these concepts were combined.
  2. I love the concept. I think you should get in touch with this guy to make a mega concept. (Maybe his quest leads to your open world)
  3. (XB1)c0demanb

    The Tenno’s Greatest Trailer Contest

    here's mine. here's to hoping.
  4. (XB1)c0demanb

    Coming Soon: Devstream #75!

    It is never said that the incubator is just for kubrows. Any chance you could add a couple quest lines throughout the game (not all right in a row) to get different incubator upgrade segments and an egg for a different animal as well as the kubrow. Maybe a feline and then something like a dragon. I think that would entice people into getting with the raise able pets. Also when do you think chroma prime will come out.