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  1. How many plague zaw combinations do you (still) want to make?
  2. Can't argue with that. Then, all kavat types when?
  3. Just because you can, that doesn't mean it has to be done. :'D
  4. Thank you for the hotfix. Been waiting for them for sooo long.
  5. x100 forma as well now we're at it
  6. I used to play TF2. Then Valve killed it, and I wanted something to play.. I didn't have money, so I found this.
  7. Why do people have to complain about everything... imo without bulletjumping the gameplay would be way too slow and boring.. it's a great mechanic
  8. Is it possible to make the mod Polarity to a dash as well?
  9. IGN: Logh4N MR: 27 Hours: 1698 (since July 2016, but I've quit the game not long after I started playing for 6-7 months) Country: Serbia (may change a couple on months) Current clan: Clan of Immortals Language: English, Hungarian, Serbian Discord: Logh4N#1337 I've been wanting to join the clan for a while now. I'm mostly a solo player, but I don't have a problem playing with people, or doing different roles in a squad. I love over-formaing stuff just to make them useable, to ignore the meta. Not much else to say about me honestly.. I'm online every day for 5-6 hours or more depends on my mood.
  10. You... you monster... also: eidolons are extremely boring, most meta thing ever
  11. Please don't... this is the only reason i'm buying the accessories
  12. I just got home from work... I wanted to get some sleep.. oh well
  14. I asked for 3 days off from work for this weekend! Let's do this! #WeLiftTogether
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