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  1. Also gimmicky mods should probably become exilus mods too, because who makes a serious build with a gimmicky mod? There just isn't enough room for those mods in the average build. Those gimmicky mods could make for a lot more diverse playstyles if there was more room for it. These are mods like Combustion Beam, Flux overdrive, Gun Glide, firestorm, Metal Augur, Napalm Grenades, Motus Setup, Neutralizing Justice, Sharpshooter, Thunderbolt, wild frenzy, acid shells, Nightwatch Napalm, Catalyzer Link, thermagnetic shells, rebound, etc. Some of these may need tweaking if made exilus as to not be overpowered, or just wouldn't be the best fit. But also: Idea #1 - A mod that blinds nearby (7 meters or so) enemies for 5 seconds upon switching to or from that weapon. Possibly in only about a 90 degree angle in front of the aiming rectilce. This would encourage more people to also use mods that affect holster speed and give a reliable method to do finishers that doesn't involve using inaros, excalibur, ash, or loki. Idea #2 - A mod that buffs damage for 10 seconds after a headshot by up to 100% but goes up 10% for each headshot. Idea #3 - A mod that increases the effect of all other mods on the gun by 10% Idea #4 - A mod that increases crit chance on a specific enemy additively by 1% for each bullet that hits. This would increase only on that single enemy and remain for 10 seconds Idea #5 - A mod that increases fire rate by 3% for each bullet that lands on an enemy but is reset to 0 only when a bullet misses. Idea #6 - A mod that has a 50% chance of applying a random status effect Idea #7 - A mod that has a 7% chance per bullet to make an enemy do the disco for a few seconds
  2. I have this same problem just about every mission. Maybe 19/20 runs will have this glitch. I don't think it always affects creds or other mission rewards for me, but it does have a frozen HUD almost every time. I've tried switching the HUD off and back on, dying, and falling into the space that sends you right back up, but none of that fixed it. I also get a glitch where my buttons stop working but my joysticks don't, so I can move around but can't do anything else. The directional buttons still work for whatever reason. I've tried the unstuck command, falling into the space that sends you right back up, using items from the gearwheel, and dying, but nothing fixes this. Now I'm getting a third glitch where the oplink doesn't register that I'm in the yellow circle and won't let me place it. Dying fixed this, but until I died it affected all the new oplink sites. One more: I get stuck inside or outside the railjack and the button for any console or ship entrance/exit does not activate anything. I can't even enter the murex. This is about the buggiest event I've ever seen in the 5 years I've played warframe.
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