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  1. It would be easy if you were to go into operator mode and pick it up while in void mode. Plus if each one had a waypoint that would be a great way to pick them up easier or to assign that role to a specific squad member that's using a tanky warframe. Let's be honest, pure tanks are more or less leeches cause they don't serve any role besides surviving. They may contribute, but pure tanks tend to do very little for a team. At the very least, they're worse equipped for mission objectives than most frames.
  2. Are you aware that this game mode was intended to be "elite alerts," so endgame? This mode is not for casual players. This is for the tryhards and the meta players, not you. You make some good points, but you fail to realize that making everything easy for you is unfair to the endgame players. For veteran players, they feel like there isn't anything to do, because getting to levels where their builds are actually pushed hard takes hours. These are the players that have played the game for years. They have no challenging gamemodes. Go play a regular level 35 mission for 5 minutes if you want to play something made for casual players. Pretty much the whole game is made for casuals due to powercreeping. What's wrong with having a gamemode devoted to another player base? "Hello I am upset when we aren't about me" is what I'm hearing from you. That said, I agree that for elite alerts, the arbitrations do lack team synergy due to the fact that cc frames can't affect enemies under the influence of arbitration drones. CC frames deserve to be a part of arbitrations just as much as tanks and DPS frames do. If anything DPS frames are too OP and need the check, because CC frames tend to be squishy. They rely on their CC to stay alive. DPS and tanks are affected much less by enemies being unaffected by their abilities than CC frames, and it isn't fair to the player base to make CC frames worse for endgame than other frames. I also agree that the gamemode needs faster rewards, because it is boring to wait so long for rewards. There is no point to the gamemode of your community finds no joy in playing it. Scaling needs to increase faster since many players want to play against higher level enemies but don't want to wait long for it. There isn't anything wrong with infinite revivals because if your team gets tired of reviving you, your team just won't revive you. There is risk to your teammates and only reward for you, so it's self regulating. But again, this gamemode is not for casual players, so you don't get to whine that you die so quickly when you're obviously not good enough at the game with good enough builds to play endgame modes. We have waited years for sustainable endgame. You do not get to take that away from us just because the gamemode advertised as hard was hard.
  3. I think staying in the mission longer should give you better or more rewards, but should not be forced. The way it is now, arbitrations are just artificially stretched out. Put something good in the rotation c drop table like potatoe bp,built forma, and like 5k kuva. Give us an actual reason to do arbitrations. Drop the extra time for each mission. It just makes the gamemode boring and tedious to play for so long to get the same type of reward. Cosmetics are not a viable endgame reward, because once you have it, you do not need it again. Give us something we need a lot of. Boost the scaling, give us faster rewards, and give us good scaling rewards. At least drop the extra reward time for rotation c. Another thing I would like to see done is making arbitration drones vulnerable to crowd control. Giving a revive is a step in the right direction for squishy frames that rely on CC, but lots of frames rely on CC or even have their entire kit based on it. CC has never really had a place in warframe besides endgame, and making endgame a tank only enterprise is really hurtful to players that prefer a playstyle based on CC. The past few endgame modes have had some kind of special check on CC. From arbitrations to ESO to toroid farming, CC has been discouraged by special enemies or the nature of the game itself. Encouraging roles and synergy between warframes is one of the more important parts of endgame, but at every turn, CC has been negated and discouraged. Many newer endgame modes even encourage using only 1 type of warframe, mostly dps and tank, but that kind of endgame just is not very challenging or fun. Again, letting players be revived is a nice touch and going to be great for CC based frames and playstyles, but I think CC needs just a bit more of a boost for it when they still get killed very easily when enemies are unaffected by their CC.
  4. Can we please just make all archwing boosts work like blink and change the itzal's 1 so we can call it a day?
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