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  1. Speaking of the Nighthunter skin.. where are the wings that was supposed to go with it?
  2. Please increase the spawn count for the TUSK MORTAR BOMBARD (For pigment farming)
  3. Removed all wildlife killing Riven Mod Challenges PETA!
  4. Conclave in 2019? that place is a ghost town now
  5. Waiting for Nidus's night hunter syandana
  6. It's a shame that the Thermia Fractures points don't stack
  7. Again with the lame Ghouls! This has to be the 20th time!
  8. Would it be possible to add a ''WF partner(s)'' tab in the Glyphs section in the future?
  9. The cost of the weapon skins are a bit much. but the Opticor skin has a fair price and looks awesome
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