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  1. Hyalus _Stats_ Health: 200 (100 at Rank 30) Shield: 200 (10 at Rank 30) Armor: 200 (10 at Rank 30) Energy: 150 (500 at Rank 30) Sprint Speed: 1.2 _Passives_ Due to Hyalus physiology, he is unable to wield conventional gear, however, this did not stop him from developing his own weapons. Core Prism Hyalus possesses a core inside his chest, when the core is resting in Hyalus, it will grant him health regeneration and cleanse him from status effects, otherwise, Hyalus will no longer have such benefits and will lose health over time. Elemental Pouch The Core Prism can store elemental damage types to enhance Hyalus' combat capabilites. _Weapons_ Void Shards Moddable explosive projectiles of glass thrown from Hyalus arms. _Stats_ Range: 1.5m. Fire Rate: 3.0 Status Chance: 30% Critical Chance: 10% Critical Multiplier: 3.2 Damage: 50 Slash. 10 Puncture. 20 Impact. 20 Void. Energy Cost: 5 Fragmented Chain A moddable whip of chained shards, hitting 5 enemies in one swing will restore 8% of Hyalus' max energy, critical hits have a 50% chance to register and store the target's elemental weaknesses in the Elemental Pouch. _Stats_ Range: 3.0m. Attack Rate: 2.1 Status Chance: 30% Critical Chance: 20% Critical Multiplier: 2.0 Damage: 255 Slash. 15 Puncture. 30 Impact. 40 Void. Energy Cost: 15 _Abilities_ Core Engagement While the core is resting Hyalus defragments his core, creating a protective barrier rendering him virtually invincible. If Hyalus is hit in this state, there's a chance for the barrier to absorb the element of the incoming damage and storing it in the Elemental Pouch. Energy cost: 40 Chance: 5% While the core is away Hyalus phases towards the core and reattaches to it, phasing through enemies will line them up and steal their shields and armor for Hyalus, armor stolen will be converted into shields. If hyalus hits at least 5 enemies, he will be granted a shield gating refresh. Energy cost: 20 Shield: 20 per enemy. Range: 20m. Self Expurgation While the core is resting Hyalus stuns enemies around him while ejecting his core prism towards his aiming reticle, if the core lies in a light place, it will blind nearby enemies while also making Hyalus invisible as long as there's a line of sight between him and the core. Energy cost: 40 Range: 10m. AoE stun range: 3m. Blind range: 5m. Invisibility range: 25m. While the core is away If the core is in reach, Hyalus whips it, randomly releasing a stored element in the form of an AoE attack. Energy cost: 15 Health cost: 10 AoE range: 8m. AoE damage: 500 * (amount of stored elements) Synergies Attacking the core with void shards will split them into a cluster of 5 homing pieces, also dividing the damage between 5 and pushing the core 5 meters away. Elemental Pouch Crouching and opening his core's elemental interface handler, Hyalus is able to infuse or remove gathered elements into his weapons. Energy cost: 25 per transaction. Elemental weapon damage: 200% / (amount of elements inserted) Fractal Overload While the core is resting Hyalus channels void energy for a brief moment, if he is successful, the Core Prism will absorb health, armor and shields from the enemies around and convert half of it into max health for Hyalus and the other half into max armor, then the core will shatter into several pieces, one piece for each element previously stored in the Elemental Pouch, each piece will orbit Hyalus dealing damage and it's respective status effect. Hyalus will lose drastically more health in this state but his weapons will be empowered. Hyalus cannot cancel this ability if it's active unless he kills enough enemies to refragment his core, failing to do so will result in death. Energy cost: 5% max energy for each element previously stored. Channeling time: 3 seconds. Absorption: 50% Kill requirement: 3 for each element previously stored. Weapon damage increase: 25% for each element previously stored. Weapon range increase: 0.5m for each element previously stored. While the core is away Hyalus attracts his core, the enemies hit by the core will fall to the ground. Synergies Phasing towards the core while it is being attracted will cause an explosion dealing 1000 impact damage to enemies and 15 damage to Hyalus.
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