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  1. will the kitguns / moas / kdrives ever bee shown on profile as mastered ?
  2. im getting nothing and im linked / i used to get poe rewards before i unlinked and linked again i got the Drops enabled! Watch for a chance to earn loot. under streamers name still nothing no mather how much i wach
  3. i think you think about bane mods those are for rifles these ones are for pistols
  4. a noggle of Ember called "Ember Reprise" https://i.imgur.com/6CSxsOL.png
  5. just finished all 4 tasks got pistol riven the zylok and a noggle ember reprise named
  6. Saturn extreminate got G3 3 times in arow and always 4 essences from capture
  7. my asumption is the rewards you can buy i nthe relay itself after you finish the 4 tasks and gain acces to enter it
  8. had g3 in mission, completed aaaand game stuck on mission succes screen ob i had to alt+f4 ad guess what it didnt count... edit nvm it did coutn but suprisee you need to kill em 3 times -.-
  9. there is a sybaris looking secondary poping up when you check your profile so i guess dats it , its called Zylok you can link it in chat
  10. maybe still placeholder stats since they didnt post anything about it yet
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