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  1. That's 100% true, but I think they could do it. Most of those characters are voiced by professional voice actors. What means that if that pay that they will just do it for them (clem is voiced by a dev btw). I think that they can easily provide the new lines, but it will just cost quite some money for DE, but most likely they will earn quite some money too, if they attach the right plat price to it.
  2. Hi everyone, For quite some time I've been thinking about new mission narrators and how cool that would be. Since we have now Teshin for the steel path (and a quest), we've got Darvo for the clem mission and Maroo for the ayatan missions and baro ki'teer for the void mission and a quest. My idea is that we can buy one mission narrator (my choices would be: Teshin, Maroo, Darvo, Baro Ki'teer and Clem) for ~150 plat (or so, just my idea for now) and that narrator will tell you everything in the missions. Like in the survival missions that there is life support coming from Darvo, o
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