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  1. Kann man irgendwie vermeiden, dass man einen Booster von irgendwelchen Leuten bekommt, während man sich auf dem Relais aufhält wo Baro ist? Also ich brauch den Scheiß nicht. DANKE
  2. Wie kann man nur so blöd sein? kritisch ist KEIN Substantiv Ihr Vollpfosten. https://we.tl/t-7sxHt7M9NY Correct Translation kritische Chance Bitte ändern
  3. Sortie Lephantis... "Entpacke Details ohne Lephantiss Aufmerksamkeit zu erregen" 🤨🤮 Bitte ändern, sonst bekommt man Augenkrebs! LEPHANTIS´ AUFMERKSAMKEIT https://we.tl/t-x36Ua0Fe1i
  4. Ivara is my Favorite against grineer in RJ missions too. And my favorite Weapon is Redeemer Prime with Corrosive proc. It is quit well for Stealthkills.
  5. Notesedit | edit source If the player suffers a Heat, Slash, or Toxin proc, this mod will significantly reduce the overall damage taken.
  6. Well, Arcanes are good for +1 Arcane Revive at Maximum. That is the Reason. And i need it against Void Storms. FACT: Void Storm Immunity +1 Arcane Revive
  7. I miss an arcana against electro proc. When will there be one?
  8. i've created my clan after that event. i want that blueprint too.
  9. If the Ignis Wraith blueprint could be explored in all clans, EVERYONE would benefit. So digital extremes, it would be MUCH easier for everyone. Implement that as soon as possible.
  10. Is it soon possible, to prevent other players (especially Noobs) from flying the owners Railjack? Would be nice, Thank you. Noobs have no idea where to fly and steer the ship in real danger. Maybe I'm the only one who takes the trouble, but I think that's stupid.
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