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  1. Since the G3 spawn at a higher rate in these missions during The Pyrus Project they do not drop any of the items from what you would expect from a regular visit from the trio. However, if a Grustrag Three Beacon is used on these missions they will spawn with their expected drops.


    Well higher rate is false because I'm already 10 missions in and not a single sight of g3.

    Oh and incase someone wondering, I have waited 5 minute mark and still nothing.

    I don't even want the drops.. Just let me get the g3 to spawn please.... 😞

  2. I honestly don't like the way DE is going with their idea of putting impact mods and now slash and puncture mods as well as arcane to eidolons.

    Baro has these (slash/impact) and razorback event brings puncture and gorgon wraith. Now that puncture mods can drop from razorback and how cheap gorgon wraith set is (nearly free because it's so common), safe to assume nobody will run razorback. Now comes arcane in which people actually spent time on farming sets of expensive thing like energize. Some people even bought a set 4k+ plat. Now with this, it's somewhat giving a .. feeling. Yes you got to use the energize back til now but still there's that feeling of getting somewhat screwed over since you can't even sell it back because every second, price dropping. I did buy some cheap <50 plat arcanes and farmed energize myself but just the way how DE's decision on things lately, I don't see future for warframe in my opinion. They wanted to listen to the players/community and we spoke (do not remove raids) and yet they ignore and planning on removing it starting with adding arcanes to eidolons.

  3. 1 hour ago, [DE]Megan said:

    The base Incubator now behaves exactly as the Nutrio Incubator does with auto-stasis, and those with the Nutrio Incubator receive a significant discount on future DNA Stabilizer costs (from 75,000 to 5,000)!

    So from how I understood this, players who have not installed Nutrio Incubator don't need to buy DNA Stabilizer? and those who already installed will have to buy it for 5k? If this is the case, why make those players pay 5k? Even if it costs less, I see no point of charging while others without it get the same benefit.

  4. As much as I hate them nerfing Gara, if they really want to go through with this, might as well just make her MV shrink in size over time somewhat like Limbo cataclysm instead of currently proposed change. Also, I don't get DE's approach of trying to put Gara and Frost at the same level. Each frame accel at one thing while other accel at something else like how Gara has special defensive skill with her 2 while Frost has multiple offensive skill as well as armor stripping skill with his 4.

  5. 15 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:

    Changed the Plague Keewar Infested Strike Stance to Machete from Scythe when using one-handed grips. 

    Why this change?

    I already had ZAW built and gilded only to use scythe... since you could not build scythe with 2 handed grip.. Please revert back this change.

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