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  1. This concept is actually an Atlas sidebar. Youtuber @Brozime made a Full Roster Review 2021 and Atlas wasn't doing so hot. Decided to bounce this off of the community!
  2. This...is Gaion (Guy-on); the earthen, the solid. The vanguard of life's foundation, Gaion stands strong against his enemies with influence over all manner of earth and the sum of its parts. Health: 400 Shields: 150 Armor: 225 Energy: 180 Sprint Speed: 1.10 Stoic and Robust, Gaion will provide his squad with a formidable layer of protection from the enemy; cleaving through their ranks like a titan of stone. With his first ability, Terra Impact, Gaion has two options: If initiated on solid ground, he will lauch forward a sharp, crystallized mineral disc that has a diamete
  3. Looking back, this is one of the most inspired I have ever been while writing a warframe concept lol Glad you guys like it!
  4. As fox-spirits, their most useful ability is to possess and shapeshift. However, A mission to earth, however, an old fox spirit of over 1000 years encounters a warframe and operator. Seeking new form, the fox-spirit possessed the warframe, believing it to be a suit of just armor. However, the warframe is not just metal, but it also has biological parts as well as a strange of energy that the fox has never seen or known of before. The operator tries to force the fox out of the warframe, but not before noticing the warframe's abilities change. The scuffle stops for a moment as the operator reali
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