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  1. Psst...hey, Wanna give Mr. "Press 3 and 4" a makeover? Sweet, me too...I'm gonna try my best to do some cool things to his kit, so stick around...maybe grab a beverage? Make yourself comfortable.So. His fundamental stats do not need adjustment... we won't change that... even though I would love to move his armor from 425 to 500 and that small of a change really wouldn't change how he plays like...at all. Stats: Pulled straight from the Wiki and unchangedHealth: 100 (300 at rank 30)Shield: 100 (300 at rank 30)Armor: 425Energy: 200 (300 at rank 30)Sprint Speed: 1.15Passive: Elemental Alignment:
  2. Thanks for leaving such detailed feedback. Chi would be acquired through the use of her 2. Will edit the post to clarify. Well, depending on the kind of player you are, you could potentially be doing finishers that cost 50 energy a pop, having a base 400 energy at rank 30 felt fair to me, but I could definitely compromise at 350. You see, 80-90% might seem like a lot, but if you hit anything around level 130 like I usually do, 10% damage dealt to you, could kill you in 2 seconds or less. Besides, the average player is not going to spend too much time blocking anyway, since not
  3. This is Alaxara, the martial warframe. Driven by her Martial prowess and Powerful Chi energy, this warframe can trade blows with and defeat even the most notorious and fiendish enemies. She likes her action up close and personal, hardly preferring to rely on long ranged weapons...or weapons at all, but rather her chi. Showing preferrence to her fists and feet, this warframe vanquishes foes by beating them senseless, mercilessly with a variety of chi fueled attacks... and different abilities to match. This warframe also can use chi as an energy source... Also the chi would look great with a whi
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