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  1. You guys never played Arbitration? The moment you see 'for example' Defense Mission on Helene Saturn (like Hydron, Sedna). This map is very small and super fast cleared. OFC I don't want to leave after 20 minutes, you want to stay as long as possible.
  2. I like the way you sitting in front of your pc and enjoying the S#&$t out of yourself. Keep that big smile.. keep it.
  3. abusing..abusing...it's a game and i would like to clear rooms in the most effective way possible. I come online, do my 1-2 hour arbitration, clear rooms with my absolute overkill polearm, claim rewards and log off.
  4. I'm not even online, while eating ice cream and watching ppl telling me how blessing the new update is.
  5. Such a pleasure to meet a forum hero with 37k posts, thanks for this helpful reply. Really appreciate it.
  6. @Mr.Fluffins keep playing on mars bro, just stay on mars pls.
  7. I simply want to spin around spraying red crit across the map with my 24 centimet..I mean meter polearm slaughter everything in it's way. It's endgame, If i have to play hours of arbitration, I want the easiest way possible ofc.
  8. I wouldn't want to give my last Chicken for that
  9. Melee changes are great, for someone new, but for someone like me, who loves to play long arbitration, it's terrible. I don't mind changes, but don't go hard. I called my polearm "destructive destruction" for a reason, now it's a wooden stick, a waste in my inventory. Buff other weapons, bring out new mods, make them equal, but don't destroy what we have. What am I supposed to do versus level 400+ enemies now? Scratch them to death? Cmon..
  10. Woah, so much stuff, this will take me years 😄
  11. Hello, i'm trying to make my "home" look a bit more stylish and need some inpiration. btw are there other Orbiter Scenes? Or just Christmas and Chinese Festival? Thanks in advance My arsenal atm : https://prnt.sc/pctotw
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