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  1. (XB1)OnDrugsStatic

    Xbox Free-To-Play Sale!

    I can't wrap my head around a "Free-To-Play Sale". Those are 2 words that don't fit together in my head .-.
  2. (XB1)OnDrugsStatic

    Fortuna -- Featured Partners on twitch.tv/warframe

    exactly between the https:// and the "twitch.tv" is a space (%20) which f's over the hyperlink 😄
  3. (XB1)OnDrugsStatic

    Warframe Builder

    The Prisma Tetra has faulted stats. Instead of 30.4 Pucture, it has 30.4 Impact, and 7.6 Puncture, instead of Impact
  4. (XB1)OnDrugsStatic

    Dev Workshop: Warframes Revisited Part 2

    well if the augment scales with duration, its quite good, sinde if you build for a polarize build (which effectively shreds armor) you should have about 150-200% duration. so thats about 7.5m/s*5s*150% -> 56.25m radius jammed weapons or disabled corpus for 6 seconds, which isnt that bad at all. but true, now that i did math, 7 seconds do sounds fine though ^^ As to infested...mag is useless against infested anyway, right? polarize does nothing, crush isnt that stron against them, and pull is...well its pull. Magnetize is just "single target", so not really that useful against infested either :/
  5. (XB1)OnDrugsStatic

    Dev Workshop: Warframes Revisited Part 2

    some people like me are swimming in orokin reactors. could you guys make it orokin catalsysts? :D