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  1. Bump. This is really something that needs addressing. Has since release of new menu UI years ago.
  2. When the mech dies in the final heart fight (and when you kill the other mech) the death sound plays at max volume cranked up 400x recorded volume completely ignoring sound settings. It's quite literally deafening and needs a hotpatch.
  3. Yeah, the keybind menu is pretty... Broken overall.
  4. Allow us to leave the keybind menu without committing changes or resetting to the defaults. I can't believe this has been missed, honestly. If I've already made a ton of keybind changes (say, equip wheel) and later make a change I can't undo or find a way to reverse I can't simply exit the menu if something is left unbound. I have to Alt+F4 to undo changes, or reset all previous equip wheel changes made months ago. For reference, this happened as I was trying to swap primary fire and alt fire. Doing so unbound the shared Mouse3 button on melee heavy attack and primary fire. I could
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