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  1. I already said that we have that in the game, I just said that you need to have it with every warframe not just valkyr, and she can have some decent ability instead. It would not be copy righting since it would not be the same/ we already have it and it's fun with valkyr, we can have that fun with all frames. Bullet jumping is not fun for me anymore after years of ctrl+space and it has no cool animations with enemies.
  2. Hi All, I may be crazy but I feel like it would be great if DE adds something like ODM Gear from Attack On Titan in Warframe. Using that we can move easier in some way in some missions, or if we had just 1 string to pull ourselves it would be great if added with some animations. Parazon already exists! We can use parazon as a hook, it already has string attached to it as seen in some animations, we can use it to attach it to a wall or something and pull ourselves to move faster, attach it to an enemy or behind an enemy to pull enemy to you or to punch them and you can add some cool animat
  3. Thanks for the explanation, I always used corrosive and it was the best element for all weapons and all enemies and never liked viral before because it was bad, always played corrosive in higher levels and it was really good all the time and when they reworked status I probably just didn't want to accept it somehow. Just tested viral on level up to 200-300 or so and seemed that corrosive is still better even after the update so I just continued to use it for levels higher than 200-300. Didn't want to bother with viral at all (just for procs from primary/2ndary), but i'll need to start using i
  4. Yea but if that's the case with higher levels I can use this other build with a lot of slash/status/damage/crit? When we have viral on other weapons (kuva nukor or something like that) why would we need viral on melee?
  5. Hi All! I have been playing this game for couple years now - before cetus and all these things - I have a lot hours in the game and so far I can not understand just 1 thing so I figured it's better to ask a great community. On a lot of builds people are using slash + viral builds one melee and I have tried that a lot of times in so many ways and even when slash is greater than viral it's nothing special in my opinion. I prefer to go with slash + corrosive and enemies are dying a lot faster when either is greater then other (also I can use corrosive against all enemies). So when I wa
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