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  1. A further confirmation that it's still bugged. Tertiary color happens to be black in this config, but changing it doesn't affect the tail.
  2. The modded 81.7% crit chance for general attacks is correct: 17% base crit chance with +160.7% crit chance from the Riven and +220% crit chance from Sacrificial Steel comes out to 81.719%, truncated to 81.7%. 17% base crit chance with a +761.4% bonus (Riven and Sacrificial Steel doubled) should increase the crit chance to 146.4% on heavy attacks, i.e. throws. In other words, 46.2% of my throws should produce orange crits. However, after throwing the hammer dozens of times in the Simulacrum, I have not seen any orange crits, which suggests that something isn't being multiplied properly.
  3. I have added in the Rumbler Rubble drop mechanic as well as the Seismic Slam and Tectonic Fracture augments to the original post. A discussion of a new Petrify augment will come at a later time. I have not yet changed the Rumblers' damage scaling, but this is not the first time I have heard this complaint. Atlas' Landslide already has melee mod scaling, which could be used as an argument either for or against adding that scaling to another ability. I am personally in the "add it" camp, because it further incentivizes attentive modding in Atlas' loadout. I have made a note about removing the Rumblers' duration as part of Edit 1 of the Tectonics design notes. I'm not sure a reduction in health is needed because the player can expend energy to heal the Rumblers more or less at will. I have added range scaling to Seismic Toss based on the number of ticks spent channeling, to a maximum of +200% range after 10 ticks. However, see the design notes for thoughts on the energy cost and tick duration of channeling.
  4. Thank you for replying. Yes, the summon cap is definitely something that can be played with. I actually think that this might be a good way to repurpose the Tectonic Fracture augment—slotting it could separate the summon cap into 3 Bulwarks and 2 Rumblers as you suggested. Leaving the Bulwarks behind is indeed not a major issue, because they can simply be recast at a new location at the press of a button. This is true with both the live version and my proposed revision. I pushed for "taking the Bulwarks with you" with my revision because that is a concept that I enjoy and hope that others would enjoy as well. The Rumblers carrying over their health as Bulwarks is definitely not a necessary part of that; their health can simply be reinitialized on transformation using the current scaling formula. My primary goal with the revised ability is opening up space for another ability. Currently, the "drop Rubble on death" synergy is mostly enabled by recasting, causing the Rumblers to self-destruct. With a large energy pool and/or high efficiency, one can spam Rumbler casts for Rubble boost. With that being said, I do agree that it is somewhat contradictory to the "heal Rumblers on Petrify" synergy. I am unsure whether I would want the Rubble drop cooldown for your proposed version to be affected by duration mods, but I embrace the general concept and will edit it into the original post, with credit to you, of course. On further thought, if the duration scaling worked similarly to reload speed scaling (Reload Time = Weapon Reload Time ÷ [1 + Mod Reload Bonus]), that might work. Currently, the maximum attainable duration is +306%, which translates to a +206% duration bonus. If we give the Rubble drop a 1.0s cooldown, 306% could reduce that to 1 ÷ (1 + 2.06) = ~0.327s, which might be a bit on the low side. Of course, the obvious solution is to impose a cap or rather floor, e.g. 0.5s at 200% duration, i.e. a +100% duration bonus. I did consider different flavors of AoE, and opted for the boulder toss as the initial proposal because it most closely resembled the existing boulders from Tectonics and Rumblers. The most appealing alternative to me is a cone attack, perhaps with a small circular area around Atlas himself to hit enemies to his immediate side or rear at the time of release. This would, of course, be a ground-propagated attack that extends a short distance off the ground to account for low-fliers like Ospreys. The game has no shortage of similar abilities at present, e.g. Frost's Ice Wave or Oberon's Hallowed Ground. Range mods could expand both the length and width of the cone, perhaps to a cap of 180 degrees, or 360 like Hallowed Ground's for a true earthquake experience. This might also be a place for an augment. I would be satisfied with either version as the base ability, and would most certainly keep the augment in my pocket for alternate configs. This is a matter of taste, but I rather like the additional resource management present on the likes of Gauss and Ember, as I do not feel these mechanics are intrusive to gameplay. On the contrary, I find them engaging, which is why I want Atlas' Rubble armor to be a resource, not just a meter to keep topped up. I am sure there are others who feel as I do, and others who feel as you do. That's why I'm glad we have 42 frames now, to cater to different tastes. I will be editing the original post as my schedule allows. There will be a changelog appended to the end of the post for clarity.
  5. I had meant to post this weeks ago, but with Ivara Prime on the way, I felt it was now or never. Not that I expect Atlas to get any attention this year, given the work on Empyrean and the New War. Oh well, those two updates will probably make up for the dust collecting on my Atlas Prime.
  6. As Atlas Prime Access draws to a close, I feel the need to express my disappointment. Atlas has received some updates between his rework in Feb 2018 as part of Update 22.X and now, but he doesn't flow as well as some other frames even with his much-improved Petrify. My hope for the future is that his Tectonics and Rumblers will receive the Bastille treatment and be combined into a single ability. Vauban can collapse all extant Bastilles into Vortices by holding 4, so it stands to reason that Atlas could be given the ability to place two or three Bulwarks by default and transform them into Rumblers by the same mechanic. This combined ability would alleviate the poor flow of his current Tectonics, offering both greater defensive coverage and the option of taking the Bulwarks with him as he, for example, moves from one Mobile Defense objective to another. This would also allow the addition of a new ability to consume his Rubble armor. I feel that the addition of a gameplay loop of building and spending Rubble would make Atlas feel much more dynamic and encourage the interweaving of his abilities. My primary inspiration for this is the Dread Heart aspect of Garuda's Dread Mirror ability. Proposed Replacement Ability: Seismic Toss Design Notes: Atlas Prime has an energy pool of 262 at rank 30, assuming no other modifiers. This allows him to channel for 10.48 ticks over 10.48s, assuming no efficiency or casting speed mods. With the stipulated damage scaling, he should be able to deal 2,096 damage at the center of the explosion (doubled for an enemy directly struck) before taking damage multipliers into account. If he had at least 262 Rubble armor at the time he began casting, 262 Rubble armor would be drained to increase this damage by 2,096 for a total of 4,192 damage at the center of the explosion. The intention was to low-ball the damage scaling for this first draft; my focus is primarily to pitch the concept of the ability, and leave fine-tuning the numbers for later. Without empirical testing, my ability to accurately project DPS numbers is limited. Explosion radius and damage composition of the ability is based on Tectonics' boulder as it functions now. The ability synergy with the revised Tectonics ability (see below) is inspired by the interaction between Frost's Freeze and Snow Globe, and that between Wisp's Reservoirs and Breach Surge. It is just as important that Atlas be given the ability to move or destroy his Bulwarks as it is for Frost to move or destroy his globes. This also provides Atlas with a long-range AoE nuke to complement the short-range damage and crowd-control of his Landslide. In the case of a destroyed Rumbler, the radial damage from Seismic Toss replaces (i.e. does not stack with) its normal on-death explosion. As an aesthetic element, ideally stones would begin to accumulate on Atlas' hand as he channeled the ability. If the ability is fueled purely by energy, the stone accumulation would be plain and minimal. If Rubble is channeled into the ability, the stone accumulation should increase in size and scale in proportion to the amount of Rubble armor consumed. However, some restraint must be exercised so as not to occlude the aiming reticle. EDIT 1: Additional synergy has been added where longer channels increase the boulder's explosion radius. The current proposed scaling echoes the pattern set by Nidus' Mutation stacks: The boulder's explosion radius gains +50% range after 3 ticks (75 armor consumed), +100% range after 5 ticks (125 armor consumed), +150% range after 7 ticks (175 armor consumed), and +200% range after 10 ticks (250 armor consumed). Using baseline states, it would take 10 seconds and 250 energy to create a 15 meter explosion dealing 2000 damage at its epicenter. I mentioned that the intention was to low-ball the numbers to get the concept across, but the cost of channeling does not seem worth it at this time. I propose reducing the tick duration to 0.5 seconds and the energy cost per tick to 10, which would allow for a 5 second channel to deal 2000 damage at the cost of 100 energy. That feels a bit more appropriate while still not overdoing things. I will leave the numbers at their current values until I receive more feedback on this change. _________________________________________________________________________________ Proposed Replacement Ability: Tectonics Design Notes: The intent with this combined ability is much the same as with Vauban's—to take the best aspects of both abilities and streamline them as a single, multipurpose tool. The increase of the Bulwark cap from 1 to 3 removes the need for the Tectonic Fracture augment, and gives Atlas the most flexibility with regards to both area denial and allied support; he can have any combination of three total Bulwarks and Rumblers running as best suits whatever situation he finds himself in. I think that is exactly what he needs to provide a more engaging and rewarding player experience. At the time of writing, I perceive two... let me call them missed opportunities. First, the extra health gained by a Bulwark does not, as currently written, affect its performance as a Rumbler beyond making it more durable. I think that if a Bulwark with a large amount of converted health dealt commensurately higher damage as a Rumbler, that might provide a positive feedback experience for the player. However, I am unsure how this ability would scale. Perhaps I could take a page from Harrow's Covenant and add a percentage damage modifier per X points of damage absorbed, e.g. +1.00% Rumbler damage per 100 points of damage converted to health during its invulnerability period as a Bulwark, to a cap of +50% damage with 5,000 points of damage absorbed. This may come at the cost of an excessive amount of under-the-hood variable tracking, though, so for practical reasons one might simply have to be content with a more durable Rumbler, which indirectly benefits Seismic Toss anyway. Second, Rumbler health is currently affected by shields gained from leveling as well as shield mods. While I have not personally encountered any Atlas players who focused on shield mods, there is perhaps a niche to be developed there with the current version of the Rumblers. That being said, I would happily exchange the shield scaling to Rumbler health (even accounting for Atlas Prime's increased shields) for a combined Tectonics/Rumblers ability. EDIT 1: The ability for Rumblers to drop Rubble when damaged has been penciled in. To continue the discussion from the ability description, the current maximum attainable duration is 306%, which means the cooldown could be reduced to at most 1.5 ÷ 3.06 = 0.49 seconds. A much more modest 155% duration (attainable with a maxed Primed Continuity) reduces the cooldown from 1.5 seconds to 0.97 seconds. Without empirical testing, it's difficult to know how much Rubble these would generate over the course of a typical engagement, but I feel the numbers are in a good place. This mechanic would incentivize keeping the Rumblers' health topped up for as long as possible, thereby emphasizing the use of Petrify and high duration builds as well. However, I have seen on the forum that the Rumblers having a duration at all hampers their effectiveness. Removing the duration on the Rumblers themselves would allow for better employment as long-term escorts, since Petrify could be recast as necessary to heal them. Duration scaling would remain favorable because long-lived Rumblers stand to provide more Rubble over time. _________________________________________________________________________________ Summary: Atlas' Landslide and Petrify would remain unchanged, as I feel they function very well as they are now within the game's current environment. Atlas' second ability, Tectonics, would be replaced by Seismic Toss, detailed above. His fourth ability, Rumblers, would be rebranded as the new Tectonics and have aspects of both constituent abilities with added player interaction. Changelog:
  7. Can you give Atlas' Tectonics the Bastille treatment? If he could place up to three walls with a press and turn them to Rumblers with hold, that would open up a slot for a new ability and retain the best of what he has now.
  8. Well, after watching the devstream yesterday, it does seem like DE's been busy with Ember and Vauban. I still think that the Prime Access release would've gone smoother if a rework paved the way, but I can sorta accept the minimal work on Atlas Prime for the time being. Here's hoping he gets a little something when the next mainline comes out.
  9. I can't agree with this more. It really is a shame.
  10. If Streamline isn't cutting it for you, you might have to swap in or add Fleeting Expertise. Energy restore consumables are also an option, and Energizing Dash from Zenurik is very helpful. Gauss has a built-in energy generator in his Kinetic Plating, too. I don't use energy restores, but Fleeting Expertise + Energizing Dash by themselves can keep my energy topped up.
  11. What I described is just the way I use him. If you use the heat version of Thermal Sunder together with Redline and Kinetic Plating, that's enough battery drain to incentivize constant motion. The latest changes just make it easier to keep your battery high even with those drains. It's entirely possible to run him as a pure caster frame if you want to, with minimal reliance on weapons.
  12. In a typical mission, I will use Mach Rush when I need to get from point A to point B without frequent stops. For something like an Exterminate mission, Mach Rush will be used more sporadically as I pause to clear enemy clusters. For something like Mobile Defense, I can go all the way from one terminal to the next, Mach Rushing as terrain allows. When I do have to stop at a terminal, that's a decent time to Redline and Mach Rush/Thermal Sunder as needed to top up the battery. Gauss really shines in Rescue and Sabotage missions, because barring doors that need multiple players to open (assuming you're not solo), you can be done with the objective before your squadmates even reach the halfway point. I had a particularly entertaining case of this where the starting point was ~2km away from the objective (a Sabotage reactor) for some reason. I destroyed the reactor and waited at the extraction zone for a solid minute or two. I love Gauss.
  13. I would say Redline is in a good place now. Before, it felt like an "oh crap" button for when I needed the fire rate, plus the extra damage reduction from Kinetic Plating; it's not something I actively tried to use because there was a risk of the battery bottoming out at an inopportune moment. Now it's something that I'm comfortable using whenever I need to stay still (as in, not Mach Rush) for more than a couple seconds.
  14. I definitely agree with you there. Now that I think about it, it almost seems like Agile and Noble are switched, considering how the Agile sets tend to be more bestial, and the Noble sets more refined. For Gauss, the calm, collected one is Agile and the bouncy, impatient one is Noble.
  15. How so? I personally favor the Agile animation because the Noble one is just too jumpy for me. Having Gauss take a "running man" pose as his idle seems perfectly in-theme.
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