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  1. It's only me that thinks the orb mothers could be better? I loved playing the profit taker, cuz it is challeging, requires you to make a specific build against the shields, a well synchronized team will execute better, etc.... But the constant knockback, the need for archguns for the legs (I literally waited for 5 min because i didn't find the archgun corpus for ammo because i had to unequip my archgun), The very poor droptable for endgame players, some reputation, credits, articulas, the blood sigil and archgun mods, I don't think endgame players believe something I listed is useful. I don't play a lot of the exploiter, but I have a light opinion on it.. The drops are little better since you get resources instead of credits, the mods are trashier than in profit taker, you can get a captura scene and 2 ephemeras (Still not that great); The fight isn't challenging at all but more of a pain in the ass(throw stuff in her and don't let the little spiders get closer), with profit taker a can feel more of a real boss fight than with exploiter (even with the amazing animations jumping in the exploiter and tearing her apart) The next orb mother (If there will be one) could be somehow more rewarding, challeging like the profit taker, test more your skills while tests your gear, or DE should just enhance profit taker if you dont have plans for a new Orb Mother.
  2. Hello everyone, I'm here today to show you an issue (Can't say it is a new bug or the feature I used was a very helpful bug), I will appreciate your attention reading my post I record some videos using the Captura tool like this one: https://youtu.be/FwPSV5vhFkg But now I don't know if I can make more videos if we don't change the actual Captura, the process to record videos on Captura is a lot harder and time consuming than before... Let's start naming some things before we go to the problem: Captura has these menus: G Menu: https://imgur.com/hFYERMi Advanced Menu: https://imgur.com/GhaTUx5 Camera control menu: https://imgur.com/lCU72tE now to the issue... Before (I was able to do this like 3 months ago, now when i checked I can't) We could set a sequence of cameras in diferent positions and speeds etc in the Camera Menu, go back to G Menu, and the camera sequence was still playing, so we could stop or continue time when we wanted, leave the G Menu to set a new pose, and the Camera sequence would be still running in the G menu. Now when you set the Camera sequence and go back to the G Menu the camera sequence will stop moving, you'll have to set the camera positions in the Camera Menu and run the sequence, the you'll have to go the end of the Advanced Menu to start or stop time and go back to the cinematic mod in the Camera Menu to start recording. My suggestion: make a shortcut to play or stop the camera sequence in the G Menu, since this menu is the fastest way to change poses, stop or continue time, hide UI, etc. Another shortcut in the G Menu to access the Camera control menu, this is just a QoL change, to make it faster for us If not possible at least make the camera sequence to keep running in the G Menu, how it was before, the way it is now is impossible to create something sine we have to do alot of steps to record a single clip Thank you for reading everything until now, I tried to be clear as possible and maybe I said something wrong because I don't speak english very well, fell free to question anything you may don't understand
  3. Link do Discord pra quem quiser adiantar o processo de recrutamento, temos uma sala propria para solicitar convites: https://discord.gg/z5bdwpR
  4. too fancy for us, This is now worse for new players since the game is already complex, something like fire is now thermic(fogo > termico)? slash changed to slashing (corte > cortante) we don't have gerund names in english, why in portuguese?
  5. I can't see a thing now, Instead of letting us see how the decoration will be when finished now everything is mixed
  6. @[DE]Rebecca This hotfix fixed a lot of Captura bugs but... Now I can't advance time with "T" while the camera sequence is playing (Za warudo feelings) cinematic mode don't allow it, and when i go back to the "G" menu to advance time the camera sequence stops
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